Monday, December 5, 2011

New Home

And so we're officially in the new house. Everything is moved. The first floor is unpacked and organized. Now, on to the remaining floors.

It's safe to say I'm over stairs. Up and down two flights to move out of the apartment. Up and down four flights to move into a three-story house with a basement. My recruited cared not for the items we asked them to carry to the finished attic.

By early Saturday evening, my body was in shut-down mode. I've felt better after marathons. I was thankful for my recent attempts at cross-training, which provided my noodle arms with enough stamina to carry so many boxes and pieces of furniture. On my last trip up to the attic, my forearms seized with spastic cramps.

After feeding our volunteers and sending them on their ways, my lovely wife and I put in a movie and crashed on the newly delivered couch. I slowly nursed a couple beers, but sleep overtook me.

Sunday morning found us attacking the boxes with renewed aplomb, unpacking and arranging items in their new places. While the weekend was too busy to fit in any running mileage, it was also filled with grunt work exercise. Every part of my body feels sore from the exertion.

Perhaps I'll find time to run this week--when the rain stops.


C said...

Congrats! All the pain is definitely worth it if you don't have to deal with a landlord ever again.

B. Jarosz said...

Welcome home!

Robin said...

Congrats on the new home! I'm guessing this means you purchased a new homeowner toilet seat?

gin hall said...

This is a big reason Hall wanted a split level or ranch- ha! Glad you guys are moved in!!

Carolina John said...

Moving sucks but it's nice to be settled in somewhere that you know you will be staying for a while.