Monday, November 28, 2011

Packing Instead

In the end, Wednesday's high hopes were nothing but failures in waiting. My plans to run this weekend were interrupted by a curious abdominal pain that may have been caused by marching in place on a full stomach, and then there was the whole matter of needing to pack up the apartment for our upcoming move.

Wednesday night was a great night to run, but I was feeling a slight ache in my left side. By Thanksgiving morning, the pain was acute, and the sensation lasted unabated until Saturday morning. I can still feel it today, but the apparent injury is now a dull throb.

At first, I was worried it was a burst appendix or ruptured spleen or some other terrible organ malady,  but the pain was on the wrong side for the appendix and too low for the spleen and really could only be related to the muscles in the abdominal wall. And the only thing I could think might have caused it was the "100-Ups" I did right after lunch Wednesday. I felt a stab of pain at the time and stopped after 10.

I thought about running Saturday, the first time the alleged injury felt improved, but then the crush of fear about needing to get everything in boxes pronto, stat and ASAP consumed me, and I began loading up books and decorations and anything else at hand.

Packing would be my only exercise for the weekend, but some soreness in my glutes Sunday morning proved that it was at least decent exercise, and my abdomen was markedly improved.

The pain was most noticeable when jostled, but not so much when moving around. Hopefully, whatever it was is done, and I can return to running ... some day. I don't see that happening this week though. My evenings will be taken up with more packing, as we can begin moving Wednesday. I've got a rental truck reserved for Friday and Saturday and help lined up for the big items. Thus begins a crazy week.


B. Jarosz said...

Packing a whole house is absolutely a workout.

And I'm glad to hear the ab pain is fading... but if it doesn't go away, get it checked out!

Good luck with your move.

Robin said...

crossing my fingers for a pain-free move!

Anonymous said...

I would advise just focusing on the move. There is always more to do and the last thing you want is to forget or not notice something that should be done.

Ironman By Thirty said...

You rented a truck? So this ( wasn't you driving down the road?

Color me shocked.

Junk Miler said...

I can't believe you got a 100-up injury.

Anonymous said...

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