Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Long Weekend Ahead

Ah, Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday, filled with food, beverages, family visits, football and naps. While it is a busy day in terms of driving about to Mrs. Viper's and my familial units, it is a day I always look forward to each year.

This year's holiday is especially noteworthy, as it is our first as a married couple and our last before moving into the house. There is still tons of packing left to do, but a hearty meal tomorrow ought to fuel the work ahead.

With any luck, Black Friday will result in two very important purchases for our new home: a washer and dryer set and a new TV. While I will unlikely subject myself to the insane crowds, because I'd seriously probably kill someone, but my lovely wife will be on the prowl for the deals. I'll wait until Saturday or Sunday to venture in to the belly of the beast.

Sadly, I will yet again fail to run a Turkey Trot this year. Last month, I had high intentions of signing up for a race, but procrastination won out. My only Thanksgiving Day race remains a childhood one-mile race where I was narrowly chicked for third place overall.

However, I still plan to run early tomorrow, before the festivities begin. And then again Friday. And if I can take a break from packing Saturday and Sunday. High hopes or failure in waiting?

Happy Thanksgiving, teammates! You'll likely not hear from me again until Monday. Have a finely brewed holiday weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Is it nap time yet?

Have an excellent holiday.

Nitmos said...

Happy T-Day! Will you be watching the Michigan/Ohio game?

misszippy said...

I'm with you--I would likely kill someone if subjected to the stores on Friday! But I'm hoping you guys score some deals.

I'm also turkey trotting alone tomorrow. Wanted to do the kent race, but no time to fit it in between the inlaws and then my side of the family.

Robin said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and Mrs. Viper!

Laura said...

I'm in the market for a TV too... hoping for some great deals tomorrow.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!