Monday, May 2, 2011

Establishing a Pattern

It was even raining this morning, but I still woke up and ran before work. And last week, I managed to hit double-digit mileage for the first time in two months. To top it all off, I actually ran one more mile in April than I did in February and March.

May marches in with some good running vibes. Here is last month's statistical rundown:
  • Total Miles: 23 miles (seven runs)
  • Highest Weekly: 10 miles
  • Average Weekly: 5.75 miles
  • Average Pace: N/A (no watch used)
  • Longest/Fastest Run: ~4 miles @ ~10:00 pace
  • The Monthly Dif: +1 miles (22 miles in March)
I'm starting to feel that charge from my recent uptick in exercise, my lungs are feeling more expansive, my limbs feel tingly, and my core has a soothing dull ache from my routine of push-ups and sit-ups before and after each run. My goodness, I might be getting into shape. 


Jess said...

Nice job on improving your mileage by 1 mile! You don't want to increase by more than .01% a month! :)

Jess said...

Nice job on getting into a routine. Sometimes that's the hardest part for me.