Monday, March 28, 2011

99 Problems

When I first started this blog, I was as obsessed about reader stats as I was about my running numbers. The thrill of a new reader has wained, now that I see the kind of pain in the ass a regular audience can be.

Thankfully, my Back Talk section each Flashback Friday helps me spout off at those snarky comments I receive throughout the week. However, I have taken notice of my Drunkard Teammates, or "Followers," as Blogger prefers. It seems 99 of you are brave enough to publicize your devotion to Team BHI. That's pretty rad -- and perhaps a tad foolish of you.

Last Friday, we had our first semi-live Q&A in the comments section. I might try that again. Thanks to those of you who participated. To sum up:

  • I have always drunk good beer. (Sun Runner
  • For Happy Hour, I had Stoudt's Fat Dog stout. (Jamoosh)
  • But I was hoping to try Great Lakes Doppelrock.
  • I'd punch Ian and Nitmos in the face at the same time if given the opportunity. (Xenia)
  • I want to travel many places. (X again)
  • I'm getting Baptized next month. (And again)
  • Sunday, I finally tried the Doppelrock, a very easy to drink and deceptively alcoholic (7.5 percent ABV) doppelbock, which at $1.75 a glass would be helladangerous. (Laura and Gin)
Weather and demotivation have devastated the running plans. Better luck this week. Cheers!


Laura said...

I'm now totally bummed that I didn't go to Gin's college. Then again, probably a good thing, or I would have failed out.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Ugh. Bummed that I was away from computers all weekend. Next time I'm going to be by a computer with sarcasm and snark in tow.

Jess said...

Sorry I missed the Q and A!

Nitmos said...

I think Xenia was a plant to keep the Q&A rolling. Like the Moe you are, you would never be able to punch Ian and I at the same time. We'd poke you in the eyes with our fingers first. Wait....would that make me Curly?

misszippy said...

Love the Q & A. Clearly running is taking a back seat to beer. Bottoms up!

Ian said...

I would never allow myself to be within 10 feet of Nitmos so you would have a hard time punching us both at the same time.

Robin said...

I thought the post would be you had 99 problems but the Enthusiasts not one - a Jay-Z tribute, if you will!