Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Antonia

Not only did the Enthusiast and I wake up for a morning run yesterday, I also managed to try a new brew to cap off the evening during a fine little friends gathering.

My Antonia is a 7.5 percent ABV, continually hopped imperial pilsner from Dogfish Head. While the taste of the beer was crisp but warming, it made me feel like a pouring retard.

As you can see from the image, My Antonia is only available in 750-ml bottles. On three consecutive tries, my glass filled more with foam than the translucent golden brew. The thick frothy head provided fine lacing, but damn it if I couldn't avoid the foam mustache over my real mustache.

Dogfish Head doesn't do a whole lot of lagers, so perhaps it's not too surprising that the brewery employed some of its IPA tricks to arrive at this hoppy pilsner. The beer, as may be inferred from the super-foaming head, is high on the fizz, which may not suit some stomachs after a long run or hard race. Of course, I wouldn't know anything about that, considering I'm averaging just over 20 miles per month this year with no runs over six miles and no races. I'm just guessing the carbonation might upset a stomach in that condition.

This beer cost me $8.51, including Ohio sin tax. The pleasing taste and resulting buzz was worth the price. Cheers!


B. Kramer said...

But does it taste better than PBR?

Oh, wait, that's Nitmos's line.

Anonymous said...

Sam Adams made an excellent Imperial Pilsner a year or so ago (nice and hoppy), but without the foaming bubbles.

Haven't seen the Dogfish version in my area.

David said...

Quit hatin' on PBR - every can I've opened was a blue ribbon winner.

Laura said...

Is there actually something called "sin tax"??

Al's CL Reviews said...

Is there a drunk discount? We have the sin tax but at some stores if you buy more than 2, you get a discount.

Jess said...

And does the label have to pay a percentage to Willa Cather's estate for the name?

gin hall said...

Just tried this brew out this week. I didn't like it as much as their other stuff- it was almost too bitey and acidic for my liking, but I also had the same pouring issue. I did find that it tasted better as it warmed up for whatever reason.