Monday, November 29, 2010

Nobody Even Got Sick

So far everyone is still alive. The list of potential victims would be long. Last week, the Enthusiast and I unveiled our as yet unnamed homebrewed porter. For now, let's call it "Patient Zero" -- just in case.

Our friends were first to try it on Tuesday, a few days shy of being bottle conditioned for the recommended four weeks. Then Thursday we infected our families. Everyone has been kind in telling us that it's good.

I've noticed a tendency for our beer to foam a bit more than I'd like, but otherwise would agree with the "good" assessment. However, I'm disappointed with how quickly our stash has dwindled in one quick week. Three six packs were gone -- p00f! -- just like that.

For good measure, please remember the number 1 (800) 222-1222 in case of emergency.

Down and Out Weekend
Aside from the beer, many other friends and foes went down this weekend. Here's a recap:

  • First of all, there was Ohio State's yearly trouncing of Michigan. Bye, Rich Rod. 
  • Then the Cavs managed to pull off another win without LeBron. 
  • And then the Browns carefully avoided another loss on Sunday. 
  • However, food was the biggest item downed, which will require me to get back out there and do what the primary theme of this blog suggests I do: run, maybe? 


Sun Runner said...

The anti-RichRod vitriol has been flying thick and fast on the relevant articles on I think one of them was up to 300 comments. I would be VERY surprised if RR comes back for another season.

Saturday after the BF and I departed Chesterland we attempted to make a stop at the Thirsty Dog tap room. Unfortunately for us we arrived at 1:15...and it didn't open until 2:00.

Lesson learned: always check an unfamiliar establishment's hours BEFORE you get there.

To say I was mad (at myself) would be an understatement. A return trip will have to wait until I am back for Christmas.

Good luck getting back on the running path this week!

Anonymous said...

I have a homebrew rule of thumb - you want my beer; you come to my house. That way I don't lose bottles.

Carbonation is always tricky. My friends porter was a little light on the bubbles. Perhaps we should combine the two for a "perfect" batch!

Nitmos said...

I remember laughing hysterically at sad faced OSU fan during the Cooper years.

My, how I miss those years.

Brad said...

Glad to hear the homebrew came out pretty good. Just sampled my first attempt too over the weekend, but it was a little on the sweet side. Hoping a little more conditioning will tone that down. Though my friends claimed it beat their expectations...which were apparently very low.