Monday, August 23, 2010

On Target: Rest/Race Week

Nifty, nifty. Guess who ran 50? Last week's mileage was capped off with a 10-mile race pace run on Saturday and a 20-miler Sunday while I was visiting newly relocated family in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

My 20-miler was tough. I carried my water bottle, but never saw anywhere to refill it, and it was empty with five miles to go. But that wasn't the tough part.

The Enthusiast decided to come with me to the park and walk Dobson while I ran. When I reached my turnaround, I turned on my phone and called her to say I was on my way back. She sounded scared.

Dobson had gotten startled by some noise and ran into her leg and caused a blood clot. I was 12 miles into my run and felt helpless. I was at least five miles from where she was hurt and about three miles from the last road crossing.

Thankfully, she was able to call my family to come pick her up, and she didn't require medical attention. It was a frightening situation. She told me to finish my run. After the phone call, I logged two of my fastest miles, but I couldn't sustain that pace with the heat and lack of water.

The blood clot seems to have dissipated. The Enthusiast is in some pain but otherwise she's OK, which is all that matters.

Akron Marathon Training Week 12:
My weekly total was 50 miles, my highest ever and the first of my twin peaks. I will reenact Week 12 in Week 14 after the Buckeye Half Marathon this Sunday and before tapering for the Akron Marathon in just five weeks. Aside from the race this weekend, this is a rest week with 35 miles on deck.

Do you remember this post? I declared way back in January that I wanted to average 20 miles per week. I've been in the hole for most of this year. But when I plugged in my runs from the weekend, my log showed that I have caught up to my goal with a current weekly average of 20.1 miles. Back on target! Now about those PRs ...


Spike said...

Glad to hear The Enthusiast is alright, that can be a scary situation.

Excellent job on your 20M, they are never easy--especially without water.

Jess said...

I wouldn't even know how to identify a blood clot! Glad she's better and was able to have others come to her rescue!

Running Through Phoenix said...

You're posting a lot more regularly also. Nice to read about your progression, and love the blog!!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Glad Enthusiast is ok!

WTG on the 50.