Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Line in the Proverbial Sand

Yesterday, while driving to the local tuxedo rental venue to pick out what to wear come a year and 15 days, the Enthusiast pointed to the blue line along the curb on Market Street.

"Look, they repainted the line," she said.

This thin blue line reminds me of the Errol Morris documentary that the Akron Marathon is just a few short weeks away -- 30 days, in fact.

Driving to and from work, I have also noticed fresh white paint markings for the Buckeye Half Marathon this Sunday.

These lines will guide my running. Alert me of turns. Signal the miles I've run. Point me toward the finish. They are the lines in the sand that I must have the courage to dash through like a cliche if I am to meet my goals, a sub-1:49:09 half marathon and a sub-4:00:00 marathon.


Jess said...

So soon? Man, the summer really is over!

Andrew Opala said...

cool - I thought the next piece was going to say, "and then the cop asked me to walk on the line to test my sobriety"

Junk Miler said...

Goddamn time flies. Great documentary.

Spike said...

I like those types of 'lines in the sand.' Typically I'm crossing the other kind of 'lines in the sand' and that just ends with trouble...and some awkward silences.