Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gifts that Don't Stop Giving

Since I bailed on you to celebrate Flag Day, I didn't report last week's progress toward the sub-four marathon in September.

Akron Marathon Training Week 2:
  • Monday was a three-mile recovery run (10:11 pace) to flush out Week 1.
  • Wednesday was a four-mile tempo run (8:07 pace).
  • Thursday was a three-mile easy run (9:41 pace).
  • Friday was an unplanned 2.5-mile run with the Enthusiast (14:04 pace).
  • Saturday was a six-mile not-so-easy easy run (9:21 pace) with the Enthusiast biking.
  • Sunday was a 12-mile long run (10:05 pace) on the second half of the marathon course.
My weekly total was 30.5 miles, a little higher than planned with the extra run. This week's 31 miles should be a cinch.

Staying Focused
The Enthusiast had another great week of training for her first half marathon and started off with a bang this week. The running is starting to get a little easier, as last night's 2.5-miler proved. I pushed my usual Monday recovery run back a day to run with her, and she ran faster without any walk breaks. Near the end, I asked, "What do you have left in the tank?" She responded with a hard sprint to finish. She's staying focused on the half marathon, but starting think boldly about a full marathon in her future.

Get a Clue
A few of you jerks dear readers wished me a happy Flag Day, but only two of you actually sent gifts. Jamoosh and Xenia recently sent me these wonderful additions to my boozing toolbox:

Thanks! These openers should go well with this! Now, the rest of you take heed and remember what's expected of you next year. Cheers!


Aileen said...

Oooooo...those are nice. I'm jealous!

Junk Miler said...

Holy back in the saddle, Batman. Nice week.

C said...

I'm too tired to contradict you so I'll just say you're welcome.

That home brew kit looks like an explosion in the making. Make sure Dobson is out of the way when you give it a go.

gin hall said...

hey now! i got you lunch. Though i think your birthday coupon probably paid for it. You'll have to buy me a Great Lakes monster next time I see you. You're welcome.