Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's official: my marathon fitness is gone.

Sunday's jaunt through Sand Run was at a reasonable pace, but my lungs were paying the price. Afterward, I was bound and determined to get back to my core workouts, which I've neglected for the last two months.

I extracted my balance ball from its corner and dusted off the cobwebs. I spread out my mat. I even brought my dumbbells in from the trunk, where they've been stowed since I moved. The bar and weights were frigid to touch as I stacked on the two five-pound weights. I sat upon my ball, leaned back and sat up 10 times. I moved to the mat and laid face down, planted my palms next to my chest and pushed up 10 times. I picked up the dumbbell with my right hand--it still retained its chill--and curled 10 times, then switched hands and repeated. I went back to the ball and started the whole process over again, and again.

Two days later and the dull ache from punishing my sloth still lingers. I feel like a wad of cookie dough. My winter maintenance plan has gone seriously awry.


Funnyrunner said...

only one way to fix winter maintainance sloth.... train for a spring marathon! :) (she said as she ate a butterfinger she discovered hidden in her son's room still left over from Halloween which her son deserved to have had stolen because who can let candy sit around that long without eating it?)

Jen Feeny said...

Does that mean if I poke your stomach you will giggle?

Ms. V. said...

A wad of cookie dough sounds yummy right now.

~~~passes ciggy to Viper~~~

party on, dude.

The Sean said...

as Stuart Smalley would say, "progress not perfection."

Sun Runner said...

I ran last night and pushed myself hard the final mile of a six mile run. Result for all the heart pounding and fast breathing? One pitiful 7:46 mile. Yuck.

Have a fantastic holiday!

mr loser said...

Staying with it, as you know, is an endless challenge. I loathe weights and love cookie dough just as much. Happy turkey day.

Funnyrunner said...

k. If it makes you feel better, my hills this morning SUCKED. Did not feel like running (especially on our third day of cold rain)... but made myself do 5 x 1 min "relaxed sprint" hill repeats. bleagh. could barely jog the 2 mile cool down. sometimes bodies just need a break.