Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday: Too Good to Be True

I'm not here. This message is coming to you from yesterday.

I planned to run three miles last night and six to eight miles this morning. I have no idea if I succeeded.

Today is Cleveland's home opener for Major League Baseball. I will be there on the first base side. I hope the rain clears ... that is, if it is indeed raining right now as it was forecast last night when I wrote this.

Don't worry. I won't kill any pitchers.

Back Talk
Because you left me comments, I will be snarky about it and pass it off as wit.

Ted has been tracking my track sessions: "Your pacing improved. You are getting faster. Have you been cutting down on beer lately?"

Answer: Yes, I've been drinking wine instead. It's like Gatorade, only more alcoholic.

An anonymous commenter doesn't get me: "OK explain to me how to do intervals - don't like pain - so why?????"

Answer: It's easy. You just run in circles as fast as you can until you can't take it anymore. Why? It's better than a good flogging.

It is Happy Hour somewhere. Enjoy your weekend. Run well and drink well.

And happy holidays to those who celebrate. Cheers.

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C said...

Hope you got those miles in. If not, that means I'll surpass you in total yearly mileage. And that would be so pathetic of you.

Enjoy the game.

Jess said...

I hope you got your 6-8 done! Otherwise, I'm not sure you'll be able to label this a "good" Friday.

Spike said...

believe it or not, Cleveland is even worse than Detroit so far this year. enjoy the game.

tfh said...

C'mon. Nothing's better than a good flogging.

Happy weekend!

Sun Runner said...

Go Tribe!

M2Marathon said...

I have to agree with TFH. Enjoy the beer-with-some-baseball-on-the-side today!

X-Country2 said...

Hopefully you made it out to run among your busy schedule.

S said...

Hope you got in your miles....I was finally able to force myself out there but it took a while!

gin hall said...

I'm guessing you drowned your Tribe sorrows with the massive amounts of rain on Friday, and hopefully some vino/beer/whatever. Ah, Cleveland sports.