Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking for the Turning Point

The funk has swamped me these past couple months. From what I've read around the bloggerwebs, many of you have felt the same way. Since the middle of January, I've been rutted in a pattern of a decent running week followed by a deplorable running week.

So as:
  • Week of Jan. 19: 18 miles (five runs)
  • Week of Jan. 26: 11 miles (two runs)
  • Week of Feb. 2: 16 miles (two runs, one race)
  • Week of Feb. 9: three miles (one run)
  • Week of Feb. 16: 20 miles (four runs)
  • Week of Feb. 22: nine miles (two runs)
  • Week of March 2: 21 miles (two runs, one race)
  • Week of March 9: seven miles (two runs)
  • Last week: 22 miles (four runs)
Even those so-called decent weeks didn't feel all that decent. I was knocking off rust, dealing with various twinges, or just plain not enjoying myself. I have yet to break the pattern. But last week felt different.

Instead of terrible running, there was Terrible beer. My pacing was faster and I tallied my highest mileage of the year. I experimented with sockless running to moderate success. I planned four runs and by golly I ran four times.

The major hiccup has been my weekend running. For various reasons, I didn't run on the Saturday or Sunday of most of those low weeks. This weekend, I ran on both days.

Saturday was track time:
  • Intervals: 4 x 800 meters
  • Goal pace: 7:19-7:39 per mile
  • Lap 1: 3:41.3 (7:25 per mile)
  • Lap 2: 3:48.08 (7:39 per mile)
  • Lap 3: 3:42.76 (7:27 per mile)
  • Lap 4: 3:46.03 (7:35 per mile)
  • Average pace: 7:31 per mile
  • Total distance: 4.4 miles
Sunday was a 10-mile long run. I ran it at 10:02 per mile with a 51:04/49:11 negative split (10:13/9:50 per mile, respectively).

It's too early to say I've turned a corner, but it's never too early to brag.


Spike said...

while the intervals are great, the negative split 10 mile is awesome--especially a day after a hard track workout! good running, like a good bottle of spirits, is consistent week after week, year after year.

Carolina John said...

at least you got two races in there. i could handle some off time if there were some winter races.

get back on that horse! and by that, i mean a decent case of beer.

Sun Runner said...

You need to get back on track so we can have our Duel in the (Probably Not Much) Sun at the Cleveland races. It's showdown time!

Missed you on the Towpath Trail on was fantastic. One of my best runs ever, until mile 17-18, but I'll save that for later.


Ms. V. said...

I'd kill for a 10 minute mile.

chia said...

With weather that fickle I don't know how you do it. I was a horrible Midwesturd runner :-)

Jess said...

Hopefully the nicer weather will inspire you to get out there more regularly!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the beer played a role in your running this weekend. I'm becoming convinced that my running depends on good beer.

Hope you continue to come out of the slump.

joyRuN said...

Those are great paces both on your intervals & 10-mile!

"By golly"?

Jess said...

Maybe inconsistency is just your consistency!

C said...

At least one of us is near to turning the corner. Are shooting for another 1,000 mile year? To get to 800 miles, I have to run 17-18 miles each week from here on out. That's not a lot when you think about it, but my laziness is pretty determined sometimes.

Vava said...

It's never too early to brag!

Aileen said...

I've definitely been in the same pattern too. This week so far has been another crappy running week. I'm hoping it turns around with a race this weekend.

Bad beer, however, is just not right.

X-Country2 said...

Still getting in interval work is pretty impressive. Those are about my 800 splits, and I run every day. :o)

Nitmos said...

Seek medication for you bipolar weekly running. See if you can level the mood.


Just call the bad weeks recovery. Its all good.