Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday: Speak the Devil's Name

Public statements sometimes have a way of coming back to kick you in the tender bits. Here's something I wrote only yesterday:
My feet so far have not blistered. Most running shoes are pretty foot-friendly and are virtually seamless. Even if my feet did blister, then they would form a callous when healed. So I'm not too worried about that.
Through the magic of editing, let's revisit one particular sentence above to get to the truth as it stands today: "My feet so far have not blistered." It's not too bad, mind you, but the instep of my left foot and the big toe of my right are a bit raw from last night's five-miler. I'm building callouses sooner than I expected.

Today is a rest day, and thankfully booze reduces pain and improves confidence. I won't be sidelined for long.

Back Talk
Something something you're stupid yadda yadda who cares. See, I can insult my audience too.

MCM Mama went against the Booze Hounds Inc. Code of Ethics and drank green beer on St. Pat's: "I actually drank a green beer for the first time in YEARS. The microbrewery we visited this weekend had dyed their pilsner green. I don't like most pilsners and I can't endorse green beer, but at least it was a free tasting."

Answer: Another article in the BHI Code of Ethics is "if it's free, it's for me." I seem to have a pair of docks. What do you have?

Nic really stepped into the Team BHI shithouse this week: "Yep, I had some green beer yesterday. I'd like to blame it on my wife, but she actually ridiculed me on your behalf when seeing it. It won't happen again, Viper. I promise."

But wait! That's not all he did: "Is it any consolation that the beer I dyed was Harp beer, per Glaven's comment?"

Answer: You dyed the beer, yourself? You're dead to me.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Sun Runner said...

I'll be getting my groove on in Cleveland this weekend. And Sunday morning I will hitt the Towpath Trail for my 19 miles. Good God, that's going to take a lot of (non-green)beer fuel intake Saturday night.


Al's CL Reviews said...

Going to run, perhaps make some Guinness brownies, and drink some Guinness, and perhaps a few DFH60.

Have a good weekend!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

ZOMG1!1! Nic took my comment as a ... recommendation? I had always heard that words were capable of doing grievous harm to the mentally stoopid, but I thought the people who said that were exaggerating! (Or mentally stoopid.)

Now I see it's true and I regret not being clearer. Won't somebody please, please give a thought for the mentally stoopid?

Hey, whaddaya know? I guess I can insult your audience, too! (Sorry, Nic.)

Anonymous said...

Per your "if it's free, it's for me", I'd rather stay sober than drink Budmilloor.

Spike said...

blisters suck, so enjoy the rest day. I'm just glad the blisters weren't from your sockless run!

Jess said...

HA! I knew you would get blisters from all that sock-less running!

Hope they heal quickly!

Aileen said...

Ohhhhh snap.

Ian said...

Apparently insulting your audience is a bad idea. Who knew?

Unknown said...

It's really sad that we tend to only drink green beer one day out of the year.

chia said...

Fricken bartender dude tried handing me a green Corona... I was so appalled I asked "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

He didn't, but at least he realized that I was the one that ordered the Jameson, not the shitty "kiss me i'm mexi-irish" beer.

X-Country2 said...

I've been nursing a disgusting blister on my toe right now. I tempted fait too.

C said...

So, have your blisters hardened up yet?