Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Haiku No. 2: Sockless Solipsism

Pound feet bare inside
Twinge right knee behind
Untapped barrels of knowledge


Sun Runner said...

Take care of your knees.
At least you're not 35--
When all goes to hell.

Spike said...

a sockless runner
injured drinker of whiskey
recover quickly

Anonymous said...

Viper thinks adding
Haiku to his running blog
Makes him erudite

Ms. V. said...

um. You got a hiccup in your rhythm there, Viper.

Sad sock story!

S said...

This just seemed like a cop-out post. Like you didn't want to make the effort to write a REAL post. :-)

chia said...

LOL at Mrs V -- Good call out :-)

C said...

Yeah, I'm not much for poetry unless it's Dr Seuss.

tfh said...


So zen-like.

This is almost a koan, man.

"Untapped barrels of knowledge."

X-Country2 said...

I can't talk about boy feet before lunch. Just can't.