Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday: Make It Hurt So Good

Last night I returned to the track for the first time this year to do intervals. I haven't thought about intervals since November, and when I got to the track I could tell something was off. I get the feeling intervals might be two-timing me -- that bitch.

The Numbers:
  • Intervals: 3 x 800 meters
  • Goal pace: 7:19-7:39 per mile
  • Lap 1: 3:37.88 (7:17 per mile)
  • Lap 2: 3:50.92 (7:43 per mile)
  • Lap 3: 3:48.99 (7:39 per mile)
  • Average pace: 7:34 per mile
  • Total mileage: 3.7 miles

She moved slightly faster with me as usual, but she didn't last as long as she did with Vanilla. But she still knew how to wear me out.

OK, this analogy is weird now.

Back Talk
Wherein we circle back to your comments of the week. Some good, some bad, but all interesting.

AddictedToEndorphins flashes her fashion police badge: "Isn't a sleeveless windbreaker also known as a vest?"

Answer: It's kind of like how all Scotch is whiskey, but not all whiskey is Scotch. Besides, "the man in the sleeveless windbreaker" sounds more like an epic foe. Because it's longer.

Spike has more advice about passing someone with authority: "Never let them hear you coming. If you are tired and breathing hard and pounding your feet they can hear/feel your approach. Hearing you wheezing only gives them hope and motivation to push harder. Instead, as you are gaining, compose yourself and begin the humiliation."

Answer: This is where pedestrian bloggers would make a comparison to ninjas, but that is too passe for me.

Mike has to go and oneup my oneupsmanship: "Even better than passing someone with authority is passing someone with authority -- like a policeman, your governor, or Mussolini."

Answer: Mussolini is dead, duh.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Infiltrate foreign borders and smuggle booze for your fellow Americans me. Run well and drink well. Cheers!

[Drunkard's note: Correction as a result of Xenia's shockingly good point. Shocking that she could make a point at all, never mind a good one.]


Ian said...

The analogy isn't getting all that weird just yet, I mean, at least we weren't both doing Intervals on the same night... at the same time.

OK, NOW the analogy is going places that I hadn't really intended.

X-Country2 said...

Man, intervals are a WHORE!

Marcy said...

Well did you meat punch her? :P

tfh said...

Infiltrate foreign borders and smuggle booze for your fellow Americans.

Okay. New Hampshire, here we come!

P.S. I did intervals yesterday. I would argue with your "she didn't last as long" and correct it by pointing out you didn't last as long. I would also point out that I lasted longer and went slower than either of you, mostly because of the foreplay, but I guess since I'm a woman that kind of goes without saying. (We also cuddled and compared our favorite baby names.)

Spike said...

its not about whether intervals is satisfied, its just how fast you get off...the track.

Carolina John said...

Cheers, Viper. intervals can suck it. and crossing swords with vanilla on the track? oh man. it's time to drink NOW.

C said...

Not all your readers are American, genius. And no I'm not talking about myself. I'm referring to the Canadians.

tfh--Hey now, NH is my home. Last I checked it was still in the US, but I'm pretty sure Vermont isn't. Infiltrate them instead.

Aileen said...

Isn't Scotch "whisky"?

B. Kramer said...

@ Vanilla - You have helped my find the puke threshold. I've been trying to wash my soul ever since.

@ Roisen - The rule is when "Scotch" directly precedes "whiskey" it is "Scotch whisky," minus the "e." So all Scotch whisky is whiskey. But not all whiskey is Scotch whisky. It's dumb, but it's true.

C said...

I still win because you were incapable of making grammatical sense with your dig. Heh.

B. Kramer said...

@ Xenia - +1. However, everyone who reads from now on will see the dig as should have read. So -1 for telling me.

C said...

Again, +1 to me. You forgot 'it' in your comment. You can't take this one back, so I keep the point. Double heh.

Sun Runner said...

Viper and Vanilla weren't just doing intervals on the same night; they were double-teaming her. Oh yeah y'all know what I'm talking about.

And not all Scotch whisky is single-malt Scotch whisky, and that's the only kind that counts anyway.


Missy said...

There's lots of heh going on here and not enough drinking. It's Friday nite and I'm about four cocktails into this parrrty. OK, yeah, it's just me and blog talking about running and BS but I thought you'd have good drinking tips for me???

nwgdc said...

I think there's a lesson to be learned here:

After screwing up the original post on a Friday mid-day, you then went back and corrected the post, but screwed up your attempt to make fun of Xenia in the comments. Let's just make a little rule that Viper no longer posts after 3:30 pm on Fridays, as it's apparent that Happy Hour is slowing the cognitive abilities.
Sheesh, I thought you could hold your chemicals for a bit longer than that.
Any other 'premature release' issues in your medical history?