Friday, July 27, 2007

No. 500

This weekend I'll break the 500-mile mark for the year when I go for my long run.

If I survive.

According to plan, I'm due for a 16-miler, longer than I've ever run before. And on the heals of an all-day beer fest.

Just down the street from my apartment is a former rubber mogul's mansion, and there is a beer-tasting festival Saturday. For $25, I get a mess of tickets and a three-ounce tasting glass to go sample a fuck ton of beers from the likes of Anchor Steam, Bells, Dogfish Head, Flying Dog, Great Lakes, Magic Hat, Moylan's, Ommegang, Rogue, Stone, Thirsty Dog, Three Floyds and Young's. And those are just couple favorites. I feel like Joey Chesnut at a hot dog stand.

Last year, my comrades in drunkery stood at the Dogfish Head tent, holding our glasses out for the last drops of the 60 and 90 Minute IPA as the festival was ending. We all ended up with extra tickets. To our shame we did not drink our portion. This year, we're getting there early with the intent of drinking through all our rations and going back for more. It will be a long battle, but well worth the entry fee.

I just hope I can run more or less in a straight line the next day. At least I will have plenty of carbs to burn.

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