Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fluid Replacement

The heat and humidity struck hard and fast last night during an attempted six-mile tempo run. The first mile was warm up, but done too fast. The second was right around the right pace, but too fast to keep up as the swelter of high 80s and balmy drained my sweat and energy. It was too much for consistency.

This weather pounces on Northeast Ohio sometimes out of the blue. The past couple weeks were cool and comfortable in 70s with a nice breeze. That all changes in late June, the official mark of summer. It feels like you have a pile of soaked blankets on top of you at all times. And running is heavy and laborsome. All you want to do is knock off and have a icy beer in an air-conditioned pub.

Darkness Rises
This site has been dark for more than a week. Part of the reason is a blog for work, which just began with three posts done in a row to give the site some history and now trying to maintain consistency. But rest assured, there has been plenty cause for drinking.

We went to Chicago for a conference and had plenty of drinks in the evening. One evening, we were invited to private party at Fado where the bar was paid for. The drinks go down so smooth when they're free. The weekend was not as powerful as last, but there have to be slow times to mark the fast.

Mileage: 27 (6, 10, 5, 6)
Tab, too much to count in this span so here are the highlights: Laphroaig 10-year, Bushmills 12-year (I think), Guinness, Harp, Magic Hat No. 9, Bell's Great Lakes Lager

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