Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Two Weeks?

My monthly mileage hit 30 this morning, yet I still have two weeks to go before May is over. The preceding months this year have topped out at 26, 22, 22 and 23 miles. I've outrun my highest month by four miles already. How am I to maintain my slacker image at this pace?

Thankfully, I'm still not timing myself during these runs. I don't want to also discover that I'm secretly fast all of the sudden. That wouldn't do at all.

Saturday morning, before the rain came and before the Enthusiast contracted the whomping bowel fever, we hit the Buckeye Trail (from the Boston Store) with her brother for a seven-mile hike and run. All the recent precipitation made what is usually an ankle-deep water crossing a knee-high soaker.

Our mud-caked legs drew stares from some pedestrians as we walked into Peninsula from the Pine Lane trailhead and then made our way back to the Boston Store on the Towpath.

I didn't get quite as many miles as I had hoped last week, but today my head finally feels clear of whatever illness kept me home from work last week. (And no, I didn't pass it on; it seems the Enthusiast caught whatever her mother and papou have had.)

This week's forecast calls for rain, rain and then some more rain. My three-miler this morning was at 43 degrees with constant mist. Good times.


Nitmos said...

My self-confidence was a little down this morning because my long run didn't go as well as hoped. But, came here, now I feel so much better about myself. Really, this invaluable. Thanks!

Morgan said...

Was very bummed we missed meeting you this weekend!!! I hope the Enthusiast is feeling better!