Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Overload

My legs have that satisfactory twinge of overuse after a weekend full of 28 miles. Friday's two-a-day, Saturday's track and Sunday's long run took its toll. And tonight, I plan on three more miles as recovery. Finally, I'm feeling back on track with my training.

Post Happy Hour Four
Friday evening didn't go quite as I had described. After work, I ended up at local favorite The Winking Lizard for dinner, and I couldn't pass up a Franziskaner on draught. I also couldn't pass up the Bleu Shroom Burger, which made for a melodious four-miler afterward. I felt fast, but was woefully slow.

Making Up for Lost Time
Bless me, Johnnie, for I have sinned. My last track session was 16 days from Saturday. I had to get back out on the Oval of Doom. The schedule called for 11 repeats of 400 meters. Here is the statistical rundown:
  • Intervals: 11 x 400 meters
  • Goal pace: Sub-1:45 per interval (7:02 per mile)
  • Fastest Lap (6): 1:37.37 (6:30 per mile)
  • Slowest Lap (7): 1:43.9 (6:54 per mile)
  • Average pace: 1:39.6 (6:38 per mile)
  • Total distance: 7.2 miles
Technically, no failures, but I was secretly shooting for sub-1:40, which netted FAIL x2. I also had the track to myself for a few laps and ran four of those laps clockwise. Shh ... don't tell the Track Police.

Long Coast on E
By the time I got to the 10-mile mark of Sunday's 14-miler, my legs felt empty. I finished with a two-minute positive split on the second half, but averaged 10:07 per mile overall--right in my long run pace zone.


The Sean said...

sounds like a success to me. especially the shroom burger. anything magical in there?

Carolina John said...

wow, that burger sounds fantastic.

nice job something something running 5 times in 3 days are you nuts?

X-Country2 said...

I'd consider that perfect pre-run fuel!

Jess said...

28 miles in 3 days? You're a machine!

BrianFlash said...

Don't overdo it - give those legs time to recover and they'll treat you right.

Nice burger, but probably not the 'Best Burger in the World.'

Spike said...

ran the wrong way on the track!!! how dare you. so, tell me, was it as awesome as I dream it would be?

keep up the great running!

B.o.B. said...

look pretty impressive to me sir. keep it up.

Mike Antonucci said...

Excellent job! And at least you were alone when running clockwise. We've got a couple of morons out here who apparently think they're stickin' it to The Man by running against the tide.

Roisin said...

Way to keep the pace for your long run. I've been finding that difficult to do for the final miles.

You were able to run after the Bleu Shroom Burger? I've seen it before, the burger that is, and the thought of walking to my car afterward is hard to do!

Jess said...

I love running the wrong way on the track. It makes it a little more novel lol.