Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashback Friday: Return of the Gemini

Part of me wants to call last night's track session a failure. My average pace dropped two seconds, and two laps were well over my goal pace. I should be getting faster.

However, the other part of me wants to remember the poetically fast six-miler I ran Wednesday, and two failures are better than the three I recorded last track session.

You decide. Here is the statistical rundown:
  • Intervals: 6 x 800 meters
  • Goal pace: 7:19-7:39 per mile
  • Lap 1: 3:38.03 (7:19 per mile)
  • Lap 2: 3:47.67 (7:37 per mile)
  • Lap 3: 3:53.08 (7:49 per mile) FAIL
  • Lap 4: 3:55.5 (7:53 per mile) FAIL
  • Lap 5: 3:46.1 (7:35 per mile)
  • Lap 6: 3:45.12 (7:33 per mile)
  • Average pace: 7:37 per mile
  • Total distance: 6.2 miles
I may have gotten slower, but at least I'm not funny slow. Et tu, Mike?

Six Hours of Banjo, No Deaths
Remember John Longmire? Well, he finished the Country Music Marathon and played the banjo the whole way. His chip time was 5:41:28, but the true clock time was almost a flat six hours.

And it appears Longmire picked and ran the marathon without: 1) a neighboring runner killing him, 2) smashing his banjo and leaving it on the side of the road, or 3) a neighboring runner killing him.

No word on whether "Dueling Banjos" made his set list. (But I guarantee someone requested it.)

Although I salute John's feat (and feet) as a fellow runner and banjo player, I still question his mental state.

Back Talk
Wherein for once I try not to belittle my readers too much on the basis of their comments.

Flatout Jim -- or should I write FLATOUT JIM!!1!!!one!!? -- doesn't think Mike and I have enough at stake in our upcoming duel: "I think the winner should get to bitch slap the loser. Loser pays the plane ticket."

Answer: A plane ticket? Do you know how much that would cost in this wintry economic climate? We're not the BAA.

And to tie in this post's title, Xenia points out another motivating factor in training for my upcoming 5-K and calls attention to a very important historic date: "Will this be your last chance to score an AG award in the 20s category? Your b-day is pretty soon, is it not, Mr. Gemini?"

Answer: Yes, it might be. And yes, it is. You people better recognize!

Happy Hour is nearly upon us. Run well and drink well, teammates. Cheers!


C said...

Linking to this post in this post? Totally meta, dude.

Mike has knowledge of ancient Greek, so you should say "kai su teknon" to him instead. More historically accurate.

I think your track stats look good. Hell, you're going to the track at all. That's something you should be giving yourself credit for.

There, now I've returned your novel-length comment and without too much snark. We're even.

Have a good weekend.

Ian said...

I judge my success on track workouts based on whether the average pace of the intervals meets the goal time. It's much easier to be successful that way.

Enjoy the weekend.

BrianFlash said...

Actually 6 800s all below 8 minute pace sounds pretty good to me.

I guess everything is relative, but if you pop on two more, you should be able to run a 3:50 marathon (based on the Yasso predictions).

Spike said...

yeah, get that ag award while now! also, fast runs the day before are perfect excuses, like being drunk is the perfect excuse for saying something insulting.

Mike said...

The banjo, huh? I play the bass guitar so I am WAY cooler than you.

B. Kramer said...

Maybe if you played the bass fiddle you'd be way cooler ... besides, I got one more string than you.

Nitmos said...

I say FAIL!

Now, what were your splits?

X-Country2 said...

Dueling banjos AGAIN? I just can't get away from it!

Jess said...

I just don't see the appeal of the banjo...

Funnyrunner said...

hey- some runs are good, and some are bad... and who knows why sometimes? At least we're out there doing it...

Unknown said...

I would just turn off my hearing aid if that guy ever play the banjo. That is purely neurotic!

Sun Runner said...

Music heads up: live Great Lake Swimmers with lots of banjo picking. Good stuff.

Don't worry about turning 30. 30 is the new 22. Or something. :)

Marcy said...

Ahhh yes your B-day is very close to mine I remember this from last year. So is sRods. Geminis are crazy. Fo reals yo. You crazy.