Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday: Keeping Promises

I know how much you readers love to root for my failure. So here is another chance. This month I embarked on a fool's errand to log more miles each consecutive month until the Akron Marathon.

To continue that trend, I must surpass 57 miles for April. Therefore, I need to run 26 miles in seven days. Complicating matters is a business trip Tuesday and Wednesday, which may prevent me from running on those days.

Will I do it? Place your bets now.

Back Talk
Wherein I unleash my irritable responses to your inane, insidious and insubordinate comments.

Responding to some criticism about his hypothesis about the limits to how fast a human can run a mile, gravityandlevity says: "Nonetheless, if any human runs a mile in under 3:39.6 during my lifetime, I'll eat my hat."

Answer: Pfft! Yeah, sure you will. I've heard that claim before.

Ms. V. proves that she has some weird fetishes for banjo players with blistered feet: "I simply have a little crush on you now Viper. First the blister, now the banjo."

Answer: Creepy! Anybody know the protocol for filing restraining orders against Internet stalkers? Next I'm going to find out you'll be in Akron for Founders Day. I'll be the guy with the beard and big sunglasses.

Spike doesn't care for my blister as much as Ms. V.: "That's it? That is your blister! Until it is the size of a nickle, don't complain."

Answer: Complain? I was showing off my sexy feet for my Internet stalkers with weird fetishes.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Have a debauched and depraved weekend. Good luck to all the racers out there, especially Mr. Not-the-Viper-banjo-man. Run well and drink well. Cheers.


Xenia said...

I'm going to go against conventional wisdom and bet in your favor. You suffered worse at the end of last year trying to reach 1000. You'll reach this goal no problem.

Enjoy your weekend, Mr. Cranky-Pants.

Spike said...

You can do it, the collective drinking masses (and non-drinking as well) have unyielding faith that you will succeed or die trying.

Does it have to be by a least a mile more, or are you counting tenths/hundredths?

Vanilla said...

There's nothing I enjoy more than betting against you. If you run 26 miles before the end of the month I'll eat my hat! (Again, just an expression!)Are you watching the draft this weekend? It will be interesting to see who Cleveland dooms to a career of mediocrity with the 5th pick.

Jess said...

I think you can do it! That's just an average of 3.5 miles each day, and even YOU can do that!

Ms. V. said...

Ha! You should be so LUCKY!


Have a great weekend! Get those miles in...why can't you run on a business trip?

Sun Runner said...

Andrew Bird, "The Giant of Illinois." First lines of the song: "The giant of Illinois/died from a blister on his toe."

So be careful.

And I think you can run the miles you need before the end of the month.


Ms. V. said...

Crap, I keep going to break, and leaving your website as to further the stalker notion. DORK!

Blyfinn said...

You should be so proud to have a stalker that is into all the blisters. It means that they would be into your running habit.

Nitmos said...

As always, my moneys against. Assume that's the case until otherwise notified.

Roisin said...

Stalkers are a sign you've made it. Be happy and grateful...they could be the person buying your next drink. In this economic climate, I'd say that could be a good thing.

joyRuN said...

Assuming you don't get anything in during your business trip, that's 26 miles in 5 days. Unless you've turned Razzdoodle on us, you should get that done no problem.

S said...

You can definitely run 26 miles in a week...if you really want to. :-) Good luck with the effort!