Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nothing but a Fool's Paradise

I have a new rule. Every month better have more miles than the month previous until the Akron Marathon. I just made that up just now so it might be the worst rule ever. But fuck it, that's the new rule.

March is done. Here is the statistical run-down:
  • Total Miles: 57 miles (10 runs, one race)
  • Highest Weekly: 22 miles
  • Average Weekly: 11.6 miles
  • Average Pace: 9:26 per mile
  • Longest/Fastest Run: 9.3 miles, 8:37 pace
  • The Monthly Dif: +1 mile (56 miles in February)
At least I got faster.

Don't forget to do something wildly inappropriate to someone today and mask it as an April Fool's prank. Cheers.


Jess said...

Aren't all rules just made up at the last minute to accomodate changing needs or decisions?

Well if not, then tell yourself that and you'll feel better.

Ms. V. said...

This isn't your April Fools rule?

Nice stats, Viper!

nwgdc said...

I'm thinking of heading over to New Jersey, going to GQH's library and logging on to some innappropriate sites, finally blaming it all on him.
Decent April Fools?

Ian said...

I'm going to log onto everyone elses computer in the office using the wrong password 3 times so that they get locked out.

Sun Runner said...

Inappropriate prank? Like claiming there are 4,009,435 reasons Michigan sucks? Ha, ha, good one!

Spike said...

if you can pull it off, the moving a coworkers car and making a fake repo letter is an instant classic--even if some people never forgive you.

Unknown said...

What about the drinking stats??? Aren't you missing this one? We need to keep the track of your drinking progress.

C said...

Just keep focusing that cranky ire and you'll do fine. Especially with today's weather which is supposed to be 64 F. Lucky bastard.

Sun Runner said...

Man, I hate haiku.

You started it. It's all your fault. ;)