Monday, April 27, 2009

Twice Baked Bastard

The weather turned hot this weekend with temperatures in the high 70s and 80s. Hitherto this heat wave, the temperature had only reached the mid-70s. The first hot runs always drain me more than I anticipate.

The lesson this weekend: Re-institute proper hydration before, during and after runs.

Friday evening, before reveling in the dominance that is a 51-ounce plastic bottle of Baltika No. 9 and Cavaliers basketball, I tried to knock out a few more miles toward my monthly goal.

I had just run six miles Thursday night at a 9:05 clip. I thought I would go for a trail run because trails have lots of trees and trees mean shade and shade means I'd be less hot.

Trails also tend to have more hills and steeper slopes, which mean more exertion, which means more hot.

I ran just under five miles at a 12:00 mile pace. I felt destroyed and many times had to take walk breaks. The heat owned me.

I fared much better on Sunday, but it was still a hot one. I wanted to run eight miles, but I cut it short to six because of the heat.

This time I was smarter, realizing I need to acclimate to the summer-like weather. I started at 10:33 per mile for the first half, but kicked it into 8:44 pace to finish at 57:50 for an overall pace of 9:38.

After my run, I found a great sale on a Unibroue four-pack sampler. I bought two and watched the Cavs finish off a four-game sweep of lowly Detroit in Round 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs while the Tribe avoided a three-game sweep by beating Minnesota.

Today, the Indians start a three-game series against the Red Sox, so I'm sure I'll hear from Boston's annoying fans.

This weekend capped off my first 20-mile week in five weeks. I have 16 more miles to go if I'm going to beat last month's tally of 57.

[Drunkard's note: For the record, I do count partial miles in the overall monthly tally, but I won't count 57.1 miles as a success. It has to be at least 58.]


Ian said...

Boston's annoying fans? The poor guy that sits in the office next to me is a Yankees fan. He didn't even show up to work today, so I've got a lot of annoyingness that I need an outlet for.


tfh said...

Pace schmace. Distance schmistance.

What truly matters is your ability to stay awake after a hot run + multiple beers. NBA Playoffs? Not bad. But if you can stay awake through the baseball season, you truly deserve commendation. Yawwwwwn.

Aileen said...

I have to start properly hydrating again because of the heat as well.

I also have to say that I'm pretty impressed by the Cavs.

Spike said...

the heat owned me as well, much the same way the Calvs owned Detroit, neither was very close.

and baseball is much more exciting, btw the Tigers are alone in first place...

the erratic epicurean said...

cavs = total domination of pistons

mr. sunshine (aka heat miser) = total domination of the viper

Jess said...

Ah heat, I know thee well, and you can be cruel to runners. Especially those who have been hybernating all winter in a frigid environment: Be gentle to them.

Sun Runner said...

Are you sure you weren't half-baked? lol.

What was supposed to be a 52-mile triumphant peak to my Cleveland training plan turned into a 31.5-mile failure. I'll run more miles this week and I'm supposed to be tapering.

Stupid hot weather.

Unknown said...

It was certainly a heat wave last weekend. It does slow down the runners. Looks like we will be in for a hot summer.

Cavs are doing PHENOMENAL. Tsk tsk tsk.. the Cleveland Indians are now beginning to look like a real baseball team.

chia said...

70? Dude, try 90. This midwestern girl doesn't know what to do anymore :-(

X-Country2 said...

I was so not ready for the heat last week that I ended up sucking water off the side of some model home about 5 miles in. It wasn't pretty.

S said...

Yeah...that 90 degree weather in Nashville was a killer! But congrats on the running this weekend...even if they weren't what you had hoped for at least you were out there. :-)

BrianFlash said...

Nice blog - I love beer and running (although at my age, I'm drinking less and running more).

ZeroToBoston said...

Acclimate to the summer heat by running in a *flannel* suit jacket.

- Dean