Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finding New Motivators

You just can't count on the youth of today. Sure, for a few weeks they might come through for you, but then one day they'll just flake out. No show. No warning. And that's it, you're left floundering.

Dark clouds were circling last night as Martini and I went to the track, but I had faith that the weather would hold. I eagerly anticipated the return of the youth track team to help motivate me.

I looked forward to watching the older kids run by me with their long, quick strides. (Two of them are really quite talented.) I couldn't wait to trample the little ones, who like to congregate in whichever lane I choose to run in, no matter what. I savored the thought clotheslining that one coach, who is even worse about being in my way but should know better. I craved the anger-induced push to finish each 800-meter interval.

But alas, the track was abandoned.

Where would my motivation come from? Occasionally, I could relish in blowing past Martini, but that wasn't enough. Thankfully, I had dinner plans and visions of cold draft beer, pickle martinis, fancy food, Laphroaig and cheese cake danced in my head while I knocked out my 800s.

[Drunkard's note: If you haven't learned the merits of Scotch and dessert, I beseech you to try it. Like right now.]

8x800 meters (3:38 - 3:48 pace goal)
  1. 3:46
  2. 3:45
  3. 3:41
  4. 3:48
  5. 3:45
  6. 3:43
  7. 3:45
  8. 3:45
My legs still felt sluggish from Sunday's 20-miler, but I managed to stay within my pace range for an average of 7:31 per mile. Booyah! Vanilla's 10K PR is in trouble. (Though, he actually seems serious about this half marathon PR.)

In celebration of sufficiently trouncing the best that Vanilla has to offer, I will raise many taste glasses on Saturday in triumph at the annual Blues & Brews. It'll be my very own little biathlon. Glory, here I come.


Marcy said...

Dayum. You're gonna have to buy a 12 pack and put one on the finish line for every 800 completed. Oh what a sight that would be LOL

ROFLMAO at the tag "it's ok to be jealous of me"

C said...

Good job on the repeats.

Stop talking about cheesecake. You’re making me hungry.

Btw, I loved the quote at the bottom of the restaurant’s drink menu page. I think it should be the new tag line for your blog.

S said...

Awesome job on the repeats.

And I may have to "steal" your biathlon format for my next race. That way I can take first place in at least PART of the event.

Nitmos said...

All of this talk of PR's and 800 intervals around here is quite disturbing. You sound as if you need to settle back and drink more. This is crazy talk.

Ian said...

I agree with Nitmos. Settle back and drink more. Do you have any idea how hard it will be for me to keep beating all your PRs if you keep bettering them?

Nice work on the 800s.

Aileen said...

I agree...everyone should try Scotch and dessert. I might this evening.

chia said...

Nice job. Scotch and sweets do sound lovely!

Spike said...

Great job on your yasso splits! Next time just break in to the stadium box and put Eye of the Tiger on the speakers.

Sun Runner said...

I regret to inform you I cannot make it to your 10K on Saturday for a Michigan-Ohio have enough on your plate/in your glass already. Besides it would be totally embarrassing when I kick your butt and set my own PR. :)

However, I may yet participate in the Flying Nun Run. 5K and 10K options available. Participation dependent on amount of booze consumed at wedding reception on Saturday afternoon.

And: Laphroaig? Ah, a Scotch man after my own heart. Ever try Ardbeg or Caol Ila?

Aileen said...

1. Yes, I beat the bitch. And I'll beat her again tomorrow.

2. Baby mistakes are always amusing.

P.O.M. said...

Pickle Martini?
Please describe, as I love pickles and I love martinis. Is there really such a thing?