Monday, August 4, 2008

Killing It

Not that my pace will shock and awe any of you (especially if you beat my time by a half hour), but my 20-miler felt about as amazing as a 20-miler can feel. The weather was perfect: not too hot or muggy. There was a decent breeze. And through the first 16 miles, I was killing it. My LSD goal pace is between 9:22 and 10:22, and my pace for 16 was 10:17. The last four miles were challenging, bogging me down to 11:45 pace. However, this was by far the best 20-miler I've ever run. I finished at 3:31:37 (10:35).

Aside from feeling good throughout the run, I also recovered pretty danged fast. I may have been inching along directly following, but after some naproxen, some stretching, a new move, a cold shower and some rest, I was bounding up stairs just a couple hours later.

The new move came from the latest Runner's World, which arrived at my door Friday. Though I've had very little time to read it, one thing caught my eye (which sadly I can't seem to find online yet) about long run recovery. I only skimmed enough to get the gist, which was after your run lie on your back and prop up your legs flat against a wall for 10 minutes to let the fluids drain. I'm not ready to proclaim this the new gospel, but I'll be trying this move again.

Opening Guns
This week, you're all expecting some smack talk between Vanilla and I regarding this challenge. Instead, we've decided to run a clean campaign as we approach our respective Aug. 9 races. Sorry, but I will not be making any more references to his lacking intellect. I will not talk about my historically minute edge (as in, two to four of them) over his best times. I won't even mentioned how Vanilla hasn't even toughened up and entered a marathon so that we can actually compare that fourth major distance. So, if it's a snarky back-and-forth you're looking for, well, you're just going to have to go elsewhere.


Marcy said...

GAaaawwwdd I was SO looking forward to some trash. Thanks for nothing :P ;-)

The Chi Running book recommends (he calls them) "leg drains" as well. I do it just because I want to be lazy :P Honestly I can't tell the difference afterward?!?

Sweet job on the 20 miler. Sometimes it's not about the time ;-)

tfh said...

Nice job on the twenty miler! I do the legs-on-the-wall thing every night because yoga says it's supposed to be conducive to sleep and yeah I guess I kind of want to be lazy...the important thing is not to stand up right afterward, or you might find yourself passed out on the floor a few minutes later. Hypothetically speaking.

C said...

A clean campaign, huh? Like politics clean? Sounds about right for you two.

Well done on the 20 miler. I still can't imagine running that distance without it hurting like the dickens, so I am super impressed with all of you who do.

I'll try the new move after my next long run to see if there is any effect. Anything's worth a shot at least once, I guess.

S said...

Great job on the 20-miler! And interesting recovery move. I'll have to try it on my next run.

Ian said...

Ahhh yes, the old I’m going to be the classy one and not say the following things about my opponent and then say them anyway trick. Well played. I almost feel bad about taking a parting shot at you in my post today, almost.

Aileen said...

Ah the old legs-on-the-wall trick! I know it well-ish. I tell myself that I can feel the difference, but then again, I could be lying to myself. Wouldn't be the first time!

Nitmos said...

I, for one, hope the two of you knock each other out so neither of you finishes. Not sure if it's possible running races in different parts of the country and all but I've seen it a million times in cartoons and it's hysterical every time.

Laura said...

Way to take the high road - you are a true moral inspiration!