Friday, April 25, 2008

Flashback Friday: Hitting My Stride, No Updates

[Drunkard's note: image courtesy of Despair Inc.]

I've hit my stride in terms of training, but I've hit the wall re: blogging. Each run has been focused toward the goal of getting stronger, faster and going longer to the point that I quickly reach the Running No Mind state. Time and distance seem to disappear. It's akin to the sensation I get when I look down and wonder where that last pitcher went. I've been so mindless that I didn't even flashback last week. I'm sure you were all aghast at my negligence.

Perhaps I'm just too accustomed to consistently writing about my latest screw-ups that I don't know what to say when things are going good. So, perhaps some bragging is in order.

Being That Guy
Last night's six mile tempo run may have turned me into No. 12. Martini and I set a strong pace early and managed to keep it up despite the hilliness of our usual park path. Usually, the only runners we pass are going the opposite direction. However, we overtook a grand total of five runners, two on the steepest hill. One we passed on the upslope and another on the down, whom we had passed going the other way before we chased down the first guy.

Initiate chest bump! Arm flex! Grunt!

And then I went out and pounded some beer and watched sports.

Go Bother Someone Else
All right, that's all I have. Go elsewhere, young reader, and grow up with the Innernets:

  • Nitmos has returned from Boston with a dramatic race report. Part 1 and Part 2 are filled with tension and strife. UPDATE: Part 3 is presumably on the way once he stops being so lazy finally here.
  • Sarah reminds us that even though the weather is nice, we can still complain about it, repeatedly.
  • And since it's Friday and Happy Hour looms, here are some tips from the United Booze Federation in case you find yourself in a situation where you have to act sober.
And if you don't like those links, go find your own distractions. Do I have to spoon-feed you ways to slack off? Or, I don't know, you could do your job.

[Drunkard's note: Thanks Kissing Suzy Kolber.]

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I love KSK. Thanks for the link.