Monday, April 28, 2008

Downhill Domination

These two fatty, old guys rounded a corner from a side street and just about collided with me as I approached the park entrance for the final three miles of my long run. The chatty Kathies said something about finishing at the same time I figured I would. No effing way was that happening.

Their voices receded into the telescoping distance as I torched them on a downhill. By the time I was due for another sissy walk break, the Brothers Chub were nowhere in sight. Being that guy is addictive.

Mark it, dude, another strong run in the books. Three more weeks until Cleveland.

Hometown Pride

[Drunkard's note: Thanks to With Leather for the link.]

A little shout out to fellow Akronite Chris Bryant, the real car jumper, for his Nike commercial. I think I'm next! What for? Perhaps highlights of this would suffice. I got mad skills too!


Nitmos said...

The Brothers Chub were no doubt drafting off of you to create their abnormal speed.

You must be approaching half taper?

Unknown said...

I think you should have no problem jumping over Mini-Cooper cars around in Akron.