Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Keep Going

The sidewalk was hot Friday afternoon. Despite my watch acting as a time governor so I didn't do too much, too soon, that's exactly what I did when I logged my first barefoot run of the year. The ball of my left foot, between the first and second toes, was tender from either pushing off or a result of the scorched earth. But it wasn't so bad.

Sand Run was crowded Saturday afternoon. Sticking to a loop along the Mingo and Dogwood trails, my run avoided the throngs of walkers and runners, and apparently the GPS signals too. My calves and quads were sore from the barefooting the day before, and so was the tender spot on my left foot by the time I finished. But it wasn't too bad.

Trying out a new reel mower Sunday afternoon already had me sweaty. After a couple glasses of water and a damp rag to cool me down, I hit the sidewalks again for a shod run around the neighborhood. The sun felt like a hot iron steaming down on my already tired body, but I just kept going. When I got back home, I had topped my highest weekly mileage to date. It felt quite good.

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