Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Too Cold to Run to Too Warm Not to Run

The rain pelted the roof just an hour before quitting time. All day the idea of running after work seemed so enticing.

Last week was just too damned cold. Temperatures were in the single digits, but the wind chill dropped us into the negatives. Throughout the week we got plenty of snow, and running just seemed like a stupid idea. I do my best not to be stupid.

This week we're in the 50s. For a couple of days, anyway.

This is the schizophrenic part of the year. Weather goes from deep freeze to summer breeze (makes me feel fine). After these warm days, the temperature is supposed to drop 30 degrees for the rest of the week. Nothing shocking to those of us on the North Coast.

The nice thing about these brief heat waves, though, is the snow melts and we get clear running paths for a spell. Yesterday's forecast seemed perfect. Rain in the morning, but clearing later in the day. Suddenly, reality set in. A violent roar dispelled the weatherman's claims.

It rained pretty much the whole way home, but as my exit off the highway neared, the windshield wipers began to squeak as they cleared. The rain was letting up.

Mrs. Viper had prepared a big vat of chili for dinner. It was sitting on the stove. As enticing as it was to just grab a bowl and eat, a run beckoned. It had been more than a week since my last 30-minute fartlek.

The roads were wet, but the evening's warmth felt soothing. My legs felt good. Clicking off lightpole intervals taxed my legs and lungs a bit more than usual. My watch alarm to turnaround sounded a bit earlier than previous outings. My pace and distance were below their recent marks, but it was good to get out again.

My next run will require many more layers.


Carolina John said...

nice job! It was so warm here yesterday we were driving around with the top down. Getting out there is a treat this time of year. Stay warm out there.

Jen Feeny said...

Just to confirm your suspicions, it was in fact to cold and stupid to run last week, because I of course, did. And immediately felt stupid for how fricking cold it was. No more single digit weather runs for me!

I can't believe it's going to drop 30* by tomorrow and snow is back in the forecast. Curse this northern weather!!! *Shakes fist in the air*

Nitmos said...

I hit it outside the last 2 days in a row - in shorts! - just to enjoy the mild temperatures. It was lovely. Today, I even did a few 800's at the thawed track just for old times sake. This weekend? Back to the mill.

misszippy said...

Winter is such a cruel tease sometimes. We have been at 70 yesterday and today, yet we'll be back in the 30s by the weekend. I hate the cold, I really do!

Jess said...

Yeah, it's cold here in FL too; it's like 70 today. Brrrr...

I liked your writing here; flexing some rhetorical muscle as well as leg muscle, eh?