Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Leftovers

The long holiday weekend was refreshing. Despite some hand-wringing over the logistics of visiting family and Mrs. Viper's barbaric work schedule for Black Friday, we managed to find some time to relax, enjoy some good company, eat some tasty food and forget about our otherwise busy lives.

Fasting to Eat
Every Thanksgiving requires an eating strategy to best enjoy the big meal. In years past, the belly-stretching method served well, but this year a new plan emerget. Wednesday night featured no deviation from my normal diet, but my next meal wasn't until about 3 p.m. Thursday.

Beer Food
We planned to eat at my wife's family's dinner. To tide me over while visiting my side of the family, my only sustenance was beer (Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald porter to be exact). By the time the feast was served, I felt no shame in eating seconds or having three slices of pie, all rinsed down with two different seasonal ales (Bell's Christmas Ale and Lagerheads Winter Mischief).

Gaining No Ground
While I'm happy to report no weight gain for the weekend, my current body heft is nowhere near my fighting weight. It would be nice to drop six pounds before the New Year.

Now Showing
Mrs. Viper always likes to take advantage of the Black Friday deals, even though she had to experience the other side of the equation this year at her new job. A benefactor of our shopping was our movie collection, as she picked up Country Strong on DVD and Prometheus on Blu-ray, and I nabbed the Criterion edition of Rushmore on Blu-ray.

Dried Out
With winter setting in and the furnace turned on, my skin has been suffering. I've been trying to be good about moisturizing, but I also realized I've gotten away from drinking water. I filled my 32-ounce water bottle just before lunch today, and I'm already halfway through another refill. Someone will be busy working the urinal this afternoon.

Guess What?
That's right, no running this weekend. No Turkey Trots, no trails, no jaunts around the block. This is shaping up to be my second worst month of the year.

How'd you make out this weekend? Get busy commenting.


David said...

Prometheus was such a disappointment. I suggest that you use it to "stuff" the "stocking" of someone you don't care for.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

KW said...

I did do the turkey trot and hated it. Way too packed and I was by myself. But I did do some running everyday, except maybe Friday. I still managed to gain some weight.

@David...totally 100% agree.

Jess said...

I had an awesome weekend, complete with a 5 k PR! I'm pretty extraordinary, though.

Carolina John said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see Prometheus.

Anonymous said...

Did back-to-back 18 milers - so I got in some miles for you!

Sun Runner said...

Well, you saw my facebook feed over the weekend. I ran once and drank a lot of beer and saw cool rocks. :)