Monday, September 17, 2012

Yard Work: Ermahgerd!

The yard had gotten out of control. Sporadic rain from Hurricane Isaac (presumably) put the twin killer of "making shit grow" and "raining on your parade" on my efforts to maintain the lawn. The grass got deep, but the weather prevented me from getting out there with the mower.

As you know, this Booze Hound has been spazzing on the push-ups lately. My efforts had resulted in some soreness in my arms and chest, and then Saturday the weather finally allowed me to cut the grass. It was deep and dewy. By the time I had finished, I had a whole-body cramp to show for it.

As a preface Saturday morning, I completed 40 push-ups and some one-armed planks. The temperature slowly rose, but not enough to dry the grass. Pushing the reel mower through my dense lawn put a hurting on my calves, hamstrings, butt, lower back, chest and arms. I needed a stretcher by dinnertime.

Mrs. Viper and my training for the Akron Marathon Relay has experienced a bit of a hiccup the last two weeks, but we're feeling confident enough to complete the distance of our respective legs of the race. We're getting back to work this week to improve our performance.


Nitmos said...

"Don't get beat by a lawnmower." I'm sure that's one of the rules of marathon (relay) training.

Sun Runner said...

It wasn't the 13.1 miles total I ran over the weekend that put the hurt on was the yard work I did. I didn't mow, but I weeded like crazy. My hamstrings were not happy.

As an aside, I recently visited the Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland for the first time. Great place!!