Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recovering to Train

Mrs. Viper wants to run this weekend. We're locked into the Akron Marathon five-person relay team on Sept. 29. She just had minor surgery yesterday.

The procedure was a follow-up to the one she had about a month ago to remove a skin lesion. She's not supposed to lift anything more than 15 pounds for the next week, but otherwise activity may increase as she feels able.

Last time, my tough wife went back to work too soon and likely prolonged the recovery time she needed. This time, however, she's taken time off to ensure faster healing.

Neither of us has run anytime in recent memory, and we have to get in shape to take one of the five legs of the marathon, which means getting in shape to at least run five miles. More would be better, but less than six weeks to get ready doesn't allow optimal time for such training.

I'm waiting to run until she's ready. We need to help each other through this endeavor. I'll need to keep myself from thinking I can just get back out there and run for an hour with no trouble. Mrs. Viper will also need to make sure she doesn't try to do too much too soon.

We don't want to wind up as a limping, bloody mess on our maiden voyage.


Jess said...

It'll come back to you easier than you may think. Your body is experienced at this; it'll remember what to do.

Good luck with Mrs. Viper's healing and for the anticipated run...whenever it takes place!

Robin said...

I second Jess - your body will remember running pretty quickly. Plenty of time to train for 5 and good luck to Mrs. Viper on getting well!

BrianFlash said...

Perfect solution - get out there and run shoeless! After I had been running lots of mile in minimalist shoes, I went out shoeless and had to stop at 3. That's all the untrained soles could take.

Nitmos said...

This marriage-to-you thing has been tough on her, eh? Figures.