Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is Mrs. Viper's birthday. We awoke early this morning to the pitter patter of Dobson's feet. The poor guy had diarrhea and couldn't wait any more. My lovely wife went down to let him outside. A few minutes later she called up to me. The dog's butt needed washing. Before 7 a.m., there we stood, hosing down our dog's hind quarters. Mrs. Viper bravely soaped his rear while I held him still. I got off so easy. Dobson wanted to walk it off immediately afterward, and so the family took a stroll around the block together. Upon returning home, I made my wife close her eyes while I disappeared upstairs to wrap her present (i.e., not my genitals) and make her a card. When I returned, she was happy to see the small package (i.e., not my genitals). While I did the dishes, she made us breakfast. My wife is the best. We both have to work today, but we shared a pleasant morning together on her special day. Happy birthday, gorgeous. I love you megatons.


Jen Feeny said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Viper!!!

Also, Ewww.

Jess said...

Happy birthday to Mrs. Viper!

I recall once, a few years ago, Scooter had the poops and had sprayed liquid poo all over our guest bedroom during the night/early morning. Jerry, who got up before me, had discovered it but his discovery was right before he was heading out the door for work. He came in and woke me with: "Scooter shat all over the guest bed. See you tonight!"

Thankfully, that was not my birthday.

C said...

Happy birthday, Mrs V!

Ditto Redhead's statement.