Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Conditioning

It's been quite a few weeks since I last ran barefoot, but the weather has started to become temperate enough to enjoy walking around outside without shoes.

My last eight runs have all been completed over trails, which has negated the practice of the bared arts because of my preference to run barefoot on smooth sidewalks and roads. It seems if I want to run shoeless, it's going to have to happen on the trails. And it's going to require getting my feet conditioned for rougher terrain.

Over the weekend, I spent most of my time walking around with my shoes in hand if I was headed to a business with one of those classist "no shirt, no shoes, no dice" signs.

Our gravel driveway has provided a perfectly pointy place to practice painless, plodding steps. However, I have yet to challenge the moral hazard of wearing shoes while mowing the lawn. I'll leave that feat to more daring feet.

The spinning blades of doom (i.e., my reel mower) give me the fear. That's one place where I don't mind the rock plate in the soles of my old New Balance MT101s that failed the great experiment and are now relegated to yard work.

A happy Mothers Day squelched any chatter of making it out for a run this weekend. Tonight will be a longish run on the Buckeye Trail. My bare feet will have to wait until another time to test out such terrain.


chia said...

I actually saw a sign on a running trail in San Antonio demanding its patrons "kindly wear shoes." Seriously, way to keep fitness classy Texas.

Carolina John said...

yea barefoot mowing is only done by the future toeless. get some protection! maybe cut the soles out of some steeltoes or something.

BrianFlash said...

I don't have enough barefoot zen yet to run on gravel. I took on a gravely path last week and had to abandon a very short ways in.

Barefoot Ted's advice? "Lift your foot before it touches the ground." Clearly I'm not there yet.