Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Don't over exert yourself"

That was the text message I received from Mrs. Viper after I casually mentioned I might try a run last night, despite yesterday's lunch being the only solid food I had eaten since Sunday's Chipotle dinner, spending that night crossing the puke threshold repeatedly, and then suffering through Monday on the couch with crippling body aches and absolutely no appetite. Sure, I had the energy to run three miles, right?

Well, maybe not. I took my wife's advice and instead caught up on some banjo playing

Today, I'm feeling completely normal. No aches like I still had Tuesday morning and my appetite seems to be fully returned. This seems like a much better day to exert myself, but maybe not overly so.

I was kind of hoping my abdominal muscles would be all six-packish after hurling my guts out the other night, but alas I'll need to get back to my strength routine soon.

We've got some sunshine this week. Let's get out there and enjoy it.


Nitmos said...

That's quite an advertisement for Chipotle. The only time I went in there, I got something that was so hot I couldn't feel my lips for two hours. I haven't been back since because, oddly enough, I do like the connection I've made with my lips over the years.

Enjoy this perfect running weather.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Between you and Nitmos, I'm feeling I don't need to ever try Chipotle.

Glad you are feeling better.

B. Jarosz said...

... just glad to hear you're feeling better!