Monday, April 16, 2012

Confession of Thirtysomething "Runner"

Forgive me, teammates, for I have slacked. It has four days since my last run, two weeks since my last double-digit weekly mileage, and 16 days since my last long run. Over the weekend, intentions to run gave way to unfit desires.

Saturday was spent mostly on the couch or lawnmower shopping. Rain prevented the actual use of said mower. Warm temperature despite the drizzle could have made for a pleasant long run, but alas banjo, baseball on TV, and snacking won out.

Sunday was spent celebrating Easter with the Greek half of the family. Let it be noted that I received no Peeps this year, and I'm pissed about it. Upon returning home, the weather permitted grass cutting, which took a couple hours due to my buying a reel mower and it being the first cut of the season. Several passes were needed to obtain a somewhat evenly mowed yard.

Therefore, the only mileage I can tabulate resulted from the several laps I made of our small city lot. I will admit to some forearm and shoulder soreness from the yardwork, but good running weather was squandered. Alas, my engine is not yet operating on all cylinders. Maybe this week ...

Oh, and happy Boston Marathon Day. Good luck, Booze Hounds, run well and drink well!


B. Jarosz said...

Maybe you just weren't looking for your Peeps in the right places?

Carolina John said...

Good call getting a reel mower. We went that way last year and love it. No need for gas!