Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Short Shake Out

After Saturday's trail race, I took two days off -- good for the legs, bad for the mojo. Last night's three-miler took a bit of mental fortitude to get out the door.

My legs felt heavy. My body felt sluggish. My mind was not in it. The weather returned to more seasonal conditions. And my GPS conspired to undermine my run (again).

Dressed in shorts, a T-shirt and my Altra Samsons, I lumbered down my block, ugh-ughing all the way. The temperature was a bit cool, and my hands never got warm.

I eventually found a rhythm after a mile or so, but I felt really slow. The good news is "slow" turned out to be 9:41 per mile, which I was calling "fast" just a few weeks ago.

Despite the soreness I felt after the Dirty Dash 10K-plus, my legs felt no pain on the run. I'll chalk up this sub-par feeling to recovery -- something I haven't needed in quite some time.

Last night's run also pushed me past my highest monthly mileage (54) to date, with two more runs yet planned before April.

Although, if my phone has anything to say about it, maybe I won't run as many miles as I think. Ever since my most recent update, my MapMyRun app has been shorting me on the runs that begin at home.

It told me I only ran 1.25 miles last night. Last Friday, it told me I only ran 2.6 miles on my other three-mile route. Ah, infallible technology ...


Carolina John said...

I feel your pain. Since the last marathon the legs have been a bit lethargic, like they just don't want to really start outputting the energy. They will wake up soon enough, I'm sure.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Just keep getting out there, show your legs who's the boss! HA

Spike said...

Shake out runs are great for the first quarter of a mile...then they are not so great.

My sister has always had problems with the MapMyRun iPhone app, same issue. Garmin....just saying.

Unknown said...

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