Monday, November 14, 2011

Up on a Ledge

Hop, skip, jump, stutter step, wings out, flight! Knees bent for soft landing and then ever forward. "He's running," a father tells his awestruck son. Indeed I was.

I had gone to the woods to expel my demons. A windy but temperate Sunday afternoon made for a perfect trail run at Pine Grove and the Ledges trails.

I had come here after work last week, but the park closed at dusk and park rangers patrolled the area, and so I took to whistling in the dark elsewhere.

Good thing I ran the Ledges in the daylight. Pointy rocks and high roots clutter the beaten path, nary a flat place anywhere to place a step. All the more fun to fly.

The pleasant day made the parks a popular place for families and couples to take a stroll. I refused to let the crowd slow me down.

It's funny how a 12-minute per mile pace seems wicked fast on wicked terrain.


Carolina John said...

Nice! That sounds like a great trail. What fun!

Nitmos said...

Just how do you run exactly that a father has to explain to his son that this is what you are doing? Shouldn't it have been obvious?

B. Jarosz said...

I love those types of runs... except that "flying" part usually results in at least one crash landing for me. Never fails. Fortunately my bones have held up so far. ;)