Monday, November 7, 2011

Changing Time

For a moment, I considered attempting another conversion to becoming a morning runner. With the time change this weekend, the brighter mornings seemed welcoming to a few, quick (or not) miles. But then I thought better of the notion.

Waking up early is work. And I have nothing to work toward on the running front. I just want to get some consistent runs on my schedule, three or four days a week, 12 to 20 miles per week. Thankfully, the weather has been cooperating nicely--not something I can bank on, but a nice happenstance.

Over the weekend, I managed a short neighborhood run amid familial obligations, terrible Cleveland Browns football, playing the banjo, and finally acquiring the keys to the Enthusiast's and my new house.

I'm really enjoying running in just socks, as silly as it sounds. I'm amazed at how much warmth and protection can come from so little material. Whereas acorns and other fall debris have been known to ravage my poor bare feet, a thin layer of cotton seems ample in gliding over my neighborhood terrain. I'm curious to try this on the Towpath.

I'm keeping track of the mileage on each pair of dedicated running socks (an eight-pack of low-cut Adidas), as I'm curious how long they'll last. So far, I've logged nine miles in the first pair with nothing more than dirtiness affecting the soles.

I'm hopeful the just-socks option will carry me through until the snow comes.


Ironman By Thirty said...

I did a 5k a while back and there was a guy that showed up wearing only socks. Unlike you, he wasn't crazy, and had accidentally grabbed his son's shoes instead of his own which didn't fit him. He ended up running in the socks and PR-ed. Maybe you aren't so crazy after all...

Carolina John said...

Just socks is just crazy. it should be way too cold up there by now? Hey, at least you're comfortable. The whole daylight savings time thing is throwing me off schedule anyway.

Robin said...

I had to switch to lunch time runs because I can't do mornings. I've even tried taking my dog as motivation...still can't do mornings. Congrats on the house!