Thursday, September 22, 2011

Race Week: Rain, Blister

Last night's office group run provided a preview of the race day weather forecast. All day the weather alternated between torrential downpour and partly sunny skies. Of course, when we got to the bike and hike path, the clouds were in downpour mode.

Somehow I have avoided running much in the rain so far this year. Yesterday's four-miler was a nice little reminder that it can be enjoyable. However, I do worry a bit about getting cold in the later stages of the race. As mentioned yesterday, I've been rather lucky with race day weather and have never had to deal with a cool rain during a marathon.

One thing that was not enjoyable was the small blister I got on my right big toe: the first negative experience of running in the Altra Adams. Perhaps one of the Velcro straps was too tight. I'll have to see how it feels on race day. Hopefully a bandage will do the trick if the blister is still tender.

The pre-race running is more or less done. I'm planning a couple of easy two-milers today and tomorrow to stay loose. I'm looking forward to the expo tomorrow. While I doubt I'll buy anything, I enjoy seeing the wares for sale and feeling the buzz from the crowd.

My final duty before the race, however, is finding a suitable post-race beverage. Good thing today is "growler Thursday." Cheers!


Anonymous said...

I ran Houston one year and leading up to the race is all about the doom and gloom wrath of God like storm that would pummel the marathon. Even on race morning the weather stations were calling for one pissed off Mother Nature. The race came and went without a hint of rain or storm, although the humidity sucked.

Jess said...

Hope the race is rain-free and that a Band-Aid does the job of protexting the tender blister. Norah recommends Toy Story Band-Aids. They make the hurt go away super quick!

B.o.B. said...

good luck this weekend! i vote you drink some sort of pumpkin beverage. maybe pumpkin beer? or a pumpkin milkshake?

Junk Miler said...

Well I guess that settles it - a barefoot marathon it is.

Run well!

Nitmos said...

Well, enjoy your race. One final opportunity for you to puke in public. Please don't let us down again.