Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback Friday: Better Than the TV Show

Usually, when the Enthusiast turns her attention to The Hills, I take it as my sign to go play the banjo in the back room. When she turned her attention to the hills last night, we were side by side. And FYI, the Hampton Hills are far more entertaining than the MTV reality show.

We were hoping that the recent improvement in weather would have melted away all the ice from the path, but like our last trail run we were forced to skirt the edges and run on the untrodden snow. And where it wasn't an ice rink, it was a mudslide--and I don't mean the cocktail.

We alternated between a plodding pace over the slippery terrain and an overenthusiastic sprint through the dry patches. The Enthusiast is starting to get her trail legs. Just wait until I introduce water crossings! Heheheh ...

Back Talk 
Wherein we sing the praises we deserve for our undignified suffering.

Misszippy is certain my March mileage will increase: "Your numbers will surely rise this month. You don't want the Enthusiast to leave you in the dust at the 1/2, do you?"

Answer: As a matter of fact, I do. It'd be pretty sad if the Enthusiast couldn't leave this spectator behind.

Robin cheers us on during this dim season: "A big yay! to the Enthusiast for moving ahead with her training during a VERY difficult and crappy northern Ohio winter!"

Answer: Here, here!

Gin, a long-time Booze Hound and recent addition to the running team, has dim prospects for advice: "Since I recently have taken on a running routine and need some tips, I think you need a section on your blog for the 'Dear Viper' letters."

Answer: What do you think Flashback Friday is for? Use the comments to submit your questions.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates! Have a finely brewed weekend. The Viper and the Enthusiast are scheduled for lots of running and dancing this weekend, as we take our show to The Great White North. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Spike said...

The Redhead and I took a look at some dirt roads and trails this morning...all ice. I hope the rain melts it away before tomorrow.

Aileen said...

Champaign is starting to sound more and more like NE Ohio.

Oh and someone asked me about the Akron marathon today, and like a good blogger, I referred that person to you.

gin hall said...

Viper- I am using the couch to 5K program, but any advice for newbies would be welcome.

First question- I want to run more than the allotted 3 runs per week in the c25K- OK, or should I try and contain my excitement for my new hobby?