Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Supplemental Sock Stories of Sorrow

It's about those fancy toe socks that took forever to arrive from Amazon.com. You know the ones. I bitched about them for many posts. And now the bitch is back.

Item: Injinji Liner Crew Toesocks
Size: Large
Bitch: They fucking suck!

According to the sizing chart, large should fit men with feet size from 11 to 13. My feet are about 11.5. These socks should fit. So explain why it feels like my pinky toes are being sawed off?

And you should see how stupid I look trying to insert my toe-socked feet into my Vibram KSOs. I pry the upper away from my foot so I can insert my encased toes in further encasement without the sock bunching up. Regardless, the webbing between my toes is still subjected to the strangulation of Lycra, nylon and whatever the fuck is CoolMax.

Now, this pain isn't so bad that I can't run. The discomfort subsides after a mile at most. Oh but when I return, I can't get my shoes off fast enough. My smaller toes feel like they've had an ever-tightening, sharp wire wrapped around the lowest knuckles.

The only theory I have is that my toe socks are too small. I was hoping to get by without having to buy anymore of these ridiculous contraptions, but alas my sorrow grows, for I may have to open my wallet again.

The good news is that the Enthusiast and I ran four miles last night. This is the base of her long runs. We'll be into double digits in no time. Cheers!


Sun Runner said...

It's not just you. The few times I squeezed my feet into Injinji socks and Five Fingers my pinky toes felt as if they were being garroted. Of course, I have troublesome pinky toes in general (see: bacteria, magical disappearing toenails). I hope you are able to find a workable solution.

Anonymous said...

It is almost a lose, lose situation.

First, I use the regular Injinji socks versus the liners (that way I can use them in standard shoes as well as the Vibrams).

Second, I actually have a second pair of Vibrams for wearing the toe socks with. I know, not cost-effective, but infinitely more comfortable.

Third and this is an issue with both Vibrams and regular shoes - I have noticed I can pull the toe socks too far down to the area between the toes. When I do this, not comfortable at all.

Robin said...

I would seriously fire off a letter to them. They would probably appreciate your feedback and you might end up with an alternative sock(s) at no charge. Worth a try.

C said...

I love it when you rant like this. Makes me feel like less of a cheapskate.

Jess said...

I agree with Robin. Shoot them a letter or an email with your feedback!

Matthew Bradford said...

GOT MYSELF A BANJO!!!!!!! Thank you for all the inspiration!

Aileen said...

One of my buddies (also in the O-hio) runs in Vibrams. I'm not sure if he wears socks with them, but I'll ask and see if he has any advice.

Laura said...

Have you had good luck with toe socks and regular shoes? Is it just the Vibrams that renders them terrible?