Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Team BHI Holiday Gift Guide

Well, the gift-giving holidays are upon us. Unless you're Jewish, in which case sorry this post is late. (Is there such things as belated Hanukkah gifts?) Buying gifts can be stressful when you have no clue what to get for that someone special. I'm here to help you shop for the topshelf Booze Hound on your list.

  • Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall -- It's not just about running barefoot as some in the media have made it seem. The book reads like an adventure story and is hard to put down. 
  • Everyday Drinking, by Kingsley Amis -- The master of drunken prose (see Lucky Jim) explains how to be a proper drunkard, including social drinking, booze backgrounders and drink recipes. 
  • Running & Being, by George Sheehan -- The philosophical side of running and one of my all-time favorites. 
For more reading recommendations, I received an e-mail from Larry Dignan, who suggested this list of "40 Exhilarating Reads for Runners," which has a number of good picks as well.

[Ed. note: A mean lady from OnlineCollegeCourses-dot-com asked me to disable the above link to the "40 Exhilarating Reads for Runners." You can probably find it yourself if you're that desperate to find something I posted almost two years ago. Updated: 5/31/13]

  • Strange Brew -- A classic. What more can I say, eh? Go buy it, you hoser. 
  • Running -- I caught this 1979 Michael Douglas film during a free HBO preview week. The end perfectly depicts how you feel at the end of a marathon as Michael Andropolis (Douglas) struggles to finish the Olympic race.  
  • Hydration belt -- Every Booze Hound teammate needs to stay hydrated on the run. 
  • Energy packets -- Portable energy shots for the Booze Hound runner.  
Happy shopping, teammates!


Tricia said...

curious: is your hydration belt filled with one of those suggested drinks? or do you actually hydrate with water like us mere mortals?


Funnyrunner said...

cool! thanks for the recommendations. I love Amby Burfoot's The Runners Guide to the Meaning of Life...

Ironman By Thirty said...

I have to say, I'm disappointed the BHI hippie shoes didn't make the gear list. You could be making some cash on the side this season if you weren't so busy banjoing and wedding planning.

Per your request of beer goggles, might I recommend a Breckenridge Christmas Ale. Just had it the other night and it was pretty good - 3.5 - 4 hiccups out of 5.

B.o.B. said...

I'm all about that drunk whipped cream. Mmmmm tasty.

Nitmos said...

No YakTrax? Always a good gift. And fairly cheap as well.

C said...

Your list is incomplete. What about a toe tag? Uh, I mean a Road ID for when you've passed out on the side of the road from excessive alcohol consumption or electrolyte depletion.

gin hall said...

i have strangebrew on my netflix queue! (which is streaming if you have no patience). My boss was shocked that I hadn't seen it already.

Robin said...

Thanks for the Amis book recommendation. It will make for a good gift this year!

Matthew Bradford said...

I really should have contributed to this:

Pandora subscription: without advertisements, high-def. You can play your subscription if you have an iphone, or just enjoy it at home or work