Monday, September 13, 2010

Pre-Marathon Burn Out: The Perfect Taper

It finally happened Sunday, when there was no time to spare.

My motivation took a solid power nap after my effort at the Buckeye Half Marathon. I was much more interested in the new goatskin head I installed on my banjo last week than I was in running.

Last week's group trail run didn't shock me out of my dispassionate state. However, my motivation made a brief, inconvenient appearance as the Enthusiast and I were headed to a family gathering that took up the majority of the last day of the weekend.

"You know, now that I have no time to do so, I really feel like going for a run," I said as we walked to the car. I had already missed my chance.

The good news is that the urge was there. It's been gone for so long. Finally, my motivation returned, even but for a fleeting moment.

My legs are fresh. My heart is almost willing.


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Jess said...

Hope you get the motivation back all the way!

Running Through Phoenix said...

Pick all you want. It sounds good.