Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday: One

One day to go, and I am of one mind for the marathon tomorrow. I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I've rounded up most of my race-day supplies, but I still need a couple items, which I'll look for today at the Akron Marathon expo.

The most important item I purchased last night was my finisher's prize, a 64-ounce growler of Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence.

My not-really-local-at-all Whole Foods store (Cedar Center) started selling growlers this month, and I've been eager to check it out. You can use any clean, 64-ounce growler or buy theirs for $3.99. They have a small, but interesting selection of brews on tap, which will rotate periodically.

I haven't had any Ommegang in quite some time. The Chocolate Indulgence is a seasonal brew with a dark and heavy body and a bold and rich flavor, which should serve as plenty of motivation to finish strong.

64 ounces of YUM!
I just hope I don't veer off course when the route passes near my apartment ... 

Back Talk 
Wherein there were many good comments this week to address.

Jamoosh speaks up about his race-day supply list: "What's on my 'must have' list for race day? An awesome pit crew so I don't have to carry/stow anything!"

Answer: The bottle and gel will be gone within the first six miles. My gear bag will be transported to the finish line for me, so this isn't an inconvenience.

BrianFlash also has some input about racing necessities: "No water bottles, gels or food, etc. I figure the race is supported so they have what I need. ... By the way -- watch sucking down those painkillers. They aren't particularly good for you while running."

Answer: Yes there will be water and gels supplied on the course, but I like to skip the first water stop because it's usually too crowded, and the first gel station isn't until after 10 miles, which is a bit too late for me. The pain killers are for after I finish.

SunRunner sent me on a wild goose hunt for additional gear needs: "I know it sounds lame, but get a pair of diabetic compression socks at your local MegaMart or CVS to wear after the race. They're only $5 or so and they accomplish the same purpose as the fancy-ass $45 ones you can find at the running stores. ... I know you're a cheapskate, so I figured the $5 price tag might tempt you to crack open that dusty wallet of yours."

Answer: Well, you're right. Your fanciful tale did tempt me to crack open my desiccated billfold, but I call bullshit on that five-dollar holler. I found compression socks all right, but at three times your price. However, the Enthusiast talked me off the ledge and convinced me to buy them anyway. So, thank you?

21-Day Jess suggested one more item I should pack for after the race: "I NEED a pair of sandals or flip flops after a race. The first thing I want to get off and get rid of are my shoes."

Answer: Good call. I added that to my list, but how will they look with knee-high black compression socks?

Spike was curious about what my other personalities had planned for the marathon: "What about PostMarathonSuperDrunkViper? What about his strategy?"

Answer: His strategy is to walk from the starting line to the finish and start imbibing, skipping the race altogether.

Andrew couldn't care less that there were four days left until the marathon; he was more interested in my dog's name: "How did you pick the name Dobson?"

Answer: As somewhat alluded to in this post, Dobson is the surname of a banjo builder from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Henry C. Dobson patented in 1881 the first banjo tone ring, which helps amplify the sound. Here is what one of those Dobson banjos looks like. When the Enthusiast said she wanted an Old English Sheepdog, I told her to save her pennies like I was doing at the time for my banjo, which is considered a Dobson-style banjo because it has a reproduction of that tone ring. And now you know way more than you ever wanted to about banjos.

Thank you to all you who have offered your advice and encouragement throughout my training for this race. I will make you proud.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us those of you not on the wagon. Have a finely brewed weekend. Good luck to my fellow racers. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


C said...

You can be happy and not drink, you know. Unless you're referring to Happy hour.

Good luck, enemy mine. Try not to shit yourself.

Anonymous said...

You are READY my friend. Be fleet of feet and have an awesome race.

S said...

Good luck tomorrow! Have a great time!

JojaJogger said...

Run fast and run smart. Most of all, have fun!

Nitmos said...

Go get 'em, Tiger!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck following the blue line tomorrow, I know you are going to earn that Ommegang.

BrianFlash said...


You can do it!

Robin said...

Wishing you speedy legs! Good luck and can't wait to read the post confirming the sub 4:00 finish!

Aileen said...

Knock 'em dead tomorrow. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

Ms. V. said...

hope you did well. i ran a trail race in CA and was thinking of you the whole time!!

Ms. V. said...

um. waiting for the race report/time. i can't search VIPER on the results yanno.

gin hall said...

Did I hear a rumor that there was a holdup during the race at the Y Bridge?

Hope all went well, Vipes!

Vava said...

Congratulations on a great race!

Nitmos said...

Congrats on breaking 4 hours! Well done. You went and got 'em, Tiger.