Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Akron Marathon Countdown: 10 Days

This is my week to restore my motivation and confidence for the Akron Marathon, which awaits 10 days from now.

You all know how I've been chasing the four-hour marathon since, well, forever. I was kicking my training's ass up until the Buckeye Half Marathon, and then procrastination took over. I've run a grand total of four times since the race. Now, I feel like my undergrad self, writing a 14-page essay the night before it's due.

My training no longer rewarded me enough to bother, and B.B. King sang, "The thrill is gone." And besides I already have a shiny new PR and it's taper time. My motivation cares not for the satisfaction of a job well done. It's time for a change.

The Marathon Mama hit the donkey square on the ass with her tale about the merits of extrinsic motivation. Sometimes those intrinsic rewards aren't enough to make you give a shit about your performance. I need more tangible motivation.

Here are 10 motivators for me to run under four hours at the Akron Marathon:
  1. There will be blood beer
  2. And I don't mean Michelob ULTRA
  3. ULTRA what, exactly, I don't know
  4. There also might be blood
  5. But that's not very motivating
  6. Totally going to eat some kick-ass food
  7. Last year, it was at Moe's
  8. Wouldn't mind a repeat
  9. Finally, finally, you can stop hearing about it
  10. I'm totally gonna buy me some Old Time records
What else you got?


Andrew Opala said...

You can buy something made of rubber in the rubber capital of the world!

Jess said...

10 days to go...enjoy your taper! :)

JojaJogger said...

Ice cream and a martini, not necessarily together.

Jen Feeny said...

Sub 4 Advice: Just believe in yourself. Write it on your hand if you have to, but remember that first and foremost. YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!

The Enthusiast said...

A Diviti's sub. If you don't make it in under 4 then it's all mine!

Oh, or how about a relaxing post-race beer bath of Baltika, Zane Lamprey style? I would seriously do it for you - if you come in under 4. :-D

Paul said...

Hmm. I think 3 is such a cooler number than 4, don't you?

Junk Miler said...

It's not like you're not going to run the thing, so what do you need motivation for? I bet you're chances of finishing under four would be greater if you ran the first half like you don't care about the time. Then you'll look at your watch/hear them call out your halfway time and you'll think, crap! I'm going to do this under four! Then you'll be motivated and pull out a 3:40 or something.

So yeah. Don't worry about being motivated now. Just relax and look forward to a fun slog.

Jeebus, who the hell am I to give marathon advice?

Anonymous said...

Beer - Check. Food - Check. Dancing Girls...