Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Setting Up the Chess Board

The mark stands at 1:49:09. That will not stand for long.

Sunday is my fourth running of the Buckeye Half Marathon where I set my current personal best in 2008 and one of my favorite races overall. Last year I sacrificed a PR in an attempt to mimic my pacing strategy for the 2009 Akron Marathon. This year I sacrifice nothing.

My PR was set by following the 1:50 pace group for the first nine miles and then pulling ahead to the finish with an 8:20 average overall. My strategy for this year? The same thing, only I'll pull away after eight miles. That means an 8:24 pace at first and then at least an 8:12 pace to finish. That's doable.

Let us not lose faith in the hill training that has replaced my track sessions this year. Believe in the training. Hills have built leg strength and expanded lung capacity. Distance has increased endurance. Barefooting has improved my form. Training has instilled confidence.

This is my first race since the Tallmadge Memorial 5-K in May. I don't have the same racing experience this year that I've had in the past few years. That only means my legs are fresh.

My strategy is in place. The date is set. My target is marked. My opponent will go down.


Nitmos said...

Well, well, best wishes to a successful Half. You'll be running this barefooted right like s prophet bringing the Good News to the masses?

Anonymous said...

Down goes the PR! I have proclaimed it shall be - don't make me look the fool.

JojaJogger said...

Good luck! Sending wishes for a perfect cool day so you smash that PR.

Junk Miler said...

My only concern is that you'll regret hanging with that pace group for so long... the PR will be smashed.

Paul said...

You most recent race (the 5k in 22:26) is really fast..when plugged into a calculator, also predicts a new PR....(actually says you could run a 7:52 HM pace!). So you have speed as well as the hill training?

Therefore I would not hang with that pace group, I would run your 8:20 pace from the get-go and then see if you can improve on it in the last 3-4 miles...I bet you can.

Kill it.

Andrew Opala said...

Great post. Thanks for talking a little about the strategy for running the race. You have taken a lot of positive steps to be great!

Good luck and you will do well in posting a new personal best.

Jeri said...

I'm shooting for the same time for my half in 2 weeks. Glad to see you're attempting it first. If you fail, I'll assume I'm going to fail and not push through the pain. ;) But seriously.....rock it! PR or BUST!

Spike said...

Hills in lieu of running in circles!?! I like that idea. Go kick that arrogant PR in the shin!!

C said...

Good luck with the HM but most especially with the marathon. Seriously, if I find out you didn't get a sub-four hour marathon, I'm never coming back. I can't take another year of this.