Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breaking the Silence, Ending the Streak

Sorry to get all Half-Fast on you. You know how it goes. Work gets busy. Running is little to none. Blogging material escapes you. To make a short story longer, I didn't feel like blogging and now I do.

With deadlines met and my idle thoughts returning, I got back outside to run after a three-day break. Of course, I picked a day that was supposed to approach record temperatures. And so I picked a route that would keep me mostly in the shade, Hampton Hills.

I didn't feel like wearing shoes, but I also wasn't sure if my feet could handle my first barefoot run on rough trails so I brought along the Hippie Shoes just in case.

The trail I run at this park is kind of like a three-part course over 3.2 miles. The first part is in the woods on mostly smooth dirt, with a river crossing and a steep uphill. The second part is through a field of rolling hills and tall grass. The third part returns to the woods with less than smooth dirt and gravel and steep downhills and a few uphills.

My soles were fine and dandy until that third part. I left the huaraches in the car. My plan was to run one loop barefoot to see how it felt and grab the Hippie Shoes, if necessary, for a second loop. Oh yes, the footwear was necessary.

The jagged rocks and gravel, steep wood-plank steps and exposed roots tortured my feet during that final third of the trail. My form was already suffering from fatigue. I couldn't relax and adapt my footfalls to the terrain. But overall, I was happy with my longest toughest barefoot run yet.

After I grabbed my Hippie Shoes, I reversed route to find the Enthusiast and Dobson. I was hoping to run two loops for 6.4 miles, but my first lap was so slow that I didn't have time for a full second without making my companions wait. Instead, I ran to them and we all ran back to the trailhead -- about 5 miles total for the day.

And because I know my audience ...

Still cute after ruining your shoes ...

Beer Tasting Snapshots
I tried two new-to-me brews in the last week, but since I skipped my usual Tuesday post, I'll have to catch you up with a quick update:

Unibroue Terrible: Bubbly dark Belgian ale, 10.5 ABV, 4.4 Hiccups

New Holland Imperial Hatter: Well-balanced hops, 9.4 ABV, 4.2 Hiccups

[Drunkard's note: The Booze Hounds Beer Rating scale (0-5 Hiccups) is based on a complex mathematical formula that would be impossible to explain to such a dunderheaded audience. Let's just say the higher the score, the more likely I am to drink it again. If Natty Light is your control beer, mark it zero.]


Anonymous said...

Those are some mighty fine hiccups!

Junk Miler said...

They were out of both of the Yuenglings I like (black and tan, porter), so I got an IPA Longhammer instead. Forgot how much I like an IPA. Thanks, India (and Red Hook)!

Being humbled on occasion is part of the fun of barefootery.It's ok to cry. Once you're shodless on the pavement again, it will be much easier. Which means you can bump up the pace, making it tough again...

Aileen said...

Thanks for the Dobson photo. My work here is done.

No, seriously, be careful with all of that barefoot craziness.

Jess said...

YESSSs more puppy pics!!!

Nice job on toughing out the run despite your feet getting beat up on the trail!

misszippy said...

Glad your hiatus is over. Dobson is indeed still cute, which is what counts!

Nitmos said...

Am I going to be the first to ask when the cute baby pictures are coming? Hmmm? Hmmm??? You know this is how it usually goes right? Dogs....treat them like kids...then the real ones come. Enjoy your practice. Cute dog.

Junk Miler said...

Viper? Kids? Nitmos is right. You should TOTALLY get a goat or two. Maybe fainting goats. Then you could sneak up on them and watch 'em fall over. Great at parties.

Barefoot Johnny O said...

BFJ, what about the chickens?

V, Hampton Hills!! Yeah, that's right! It ain't no fun, but it's awesome!!!

C said...

Cute fur-blinded puppy!

Sorry, did you say something?