Monday, November 30, 2009

One of Those Recap Posts That You Skim Over and Leave a Comment like 'Sounds Fun'

UPDATED: 10:34 a.m. on 12/2/09

Let's not talk about the extra baggage apparent in this morning's weight check, but instead consider how the 21 miles I ran from Thursday to Sunday did not counteract the foods and beverages I packed in over that same period.

Thursday: The Enthusiast and I ran three miles together and then I tacked on another four miles before we went to eat.
Miles: 7
Menu: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, Brussels sprouts with pancetta, pecan pie with Cool Whip, Laphroaig, Great Lakes Christmas Ale

Friday: A six-miler before a "friends Thanksgiving."
Miles: 6
Menu: More turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, salad, cupcake, Bell's Sparkling Ale, Great Divide Hibernation Ale

[Drunkard's note: Apparently, I was too drunk to recall that I also had some Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter from Willoughby Brewing Co.]

Saturday: Friends over for dinner, but no running because I wanted to play my banjo instead.
Miles: Does old-time banjo count as cross training?
Menu: Roasted chicken, artichokes, potatoes, salad, German chocolate cake, Hibernation Ale, Sparkling Ale, Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald

Sunday: First longish run in ages before a birthday celebration with cake and dinner with leftover pie.
Miles: 8
Menu: Deli sandwiches, various appetizers, birthday cake, pork tenderloin, potatoes, peas (ick!) with mushrooms (yum!), pecan pie with Cool Whip, Laphroaig

I guess I don't need to concentrate on adding winter weight.


The Enthusiast said...

You forgot the Willougby Brewing Company Peanut Butter somethingorother beer on Friday! :-D

Mike Antonucci said...

Founds sun.

Some guy named John said...

Some of that sounds like fun ...

Kate said...

It's interesting where we draw the line between "long run" and the other runs - I prettymuch draw it where you did. 7 miles just doesn't feel long enough to make it count as a longish run, while 8 does. Which is weird as there's only a mile difference!

Happy running! Soundsl ike delicious food.

mr loser said...

Two thumbs up for the new blogs of woe sidebar. I'm hoping the Brownies don't lose the #1 pick by winning a couple games. We need to blow the draft like we always do: by picking the wrong player on draft day.

Ian said...

There was running involved, that doesn't sound fun at all.

Razz said...

OMG! That sounds awesome!!!! :) I hope you had a great time this Turkey Break! It sounds like! ROFL!!!!!! Only 25 more days till Christmas! OMG!!!

Aileen said...

What's your drama with peas? Peas are great...mushrooms, however, are grown in poop.